Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ice and Rain

I was so busy at work yesterday that it wasn't till around 4:00 that I realized a good portion of New England had been battered by an ice storm. Here on the North Shore, we had a ton of rain but I was clueless to the level of intensity elsewhere.

Temperatures here were fairly mild. Though my sump pump got a decent work out, we weren't effected all that much.


Anonymous said...

I am assuming you are still with power and I hope that is the case with all the outages I have been hearing about. Looks like a weekend to stay close to home.

Maddog said...

My friend in Maine's house was missed by inches when a tree fell in their backyard. I wasn't aware that it was as bad as it was either.

Anonymous said...

I traveled back home this weekend (upstate NY) and I had to go the Mass Turnpike. Most of the Pike was just covered with ice (well the trees). It was spectacular to but you could see that the trees were going to snap because the ice was so heavy.

My mom was affected by the ice storm but got snow however the Albany region got it bad. Over 300,000 thousand people don't have any power and NY has help from the stats of MI, MA, CT & ME to restore power. News said it won't be back on for most until Wednesday night. Very scary.

Hope you had a wonderful day!