Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mailings and Running

Well apparently re-stamping a returned card with the additional postage is not a good idea. Recall last week my Christmas cards started to trickle back in because I didn't have enough postage? Well I slapped on another forty-two-center, mailed it and lo and behold I got it back...again! This time I tore it up and just sent out a new one.

This past weekend I bought some new cards and finished up my mailing. I also finished my Christmas shopping, got a tree and decorated it. The tree looks nice. Although having two OCD gay men trying to perfect the alignment of a crooked tree is an exercise in futility. Next year I think we'll opt for an artificial.

My fitness program is nearing an end. Wednesday is our last day. Yesterday we tested on running around the parking lot a couple times: The first day of class I ran it in 3 minutes 58 seconds; yesterday I did it in 3 minutes 43 seconds. Not a bad improvement for 5 weeks. Wednesday we finish up the testing. Normally we do all the tests on the last day of class but since Wednesday they're predicting snow we decide to run in the mild weather. Wednesday we'll be inside.

This is my last full week of work. Next week I only go in on Monday. I'm using that day as an organization day in preparation for a busy 2009. I have tons of old project folders that I need to clear out to make room for more. There's a lot of people out so it'll be a good opportunity to get things organized.

Oh well...over and out!


P.S. Bandit's all happy and in the spirit of Christmas wearing his Rudolph bandanna and penguin sweater.


Anonymous said...

You'll definitely need to share a photo of Bandit in his Christmas garb.

tornwordo said...

I think you have to put the full postage on again. But what do I know. My last day is tomorrow - whoopee!

Anonymous said...

One time I had a something back and cut out the stamp to use it and it was returned. A good stamp wasted.

I wish I could say "Last full week of work". I don't know when I will get a break from work again. I'm hoping mid-January but we will have to see when we get our bonus hours from work.

I love to organize and being organized. Someday I want to own my company and that is KEY. Good luck with all that.

If I don't comment before Christmas - MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND BANDIT!