Thursday, December 11, 2008

Running Late and That's OK

I've had a crazy last couple of days. Tuesday night I got about 3 hours of sleep and just tossed and turned from around 2 in the morning till 5 at which point I had to get up for bootcamp training.


Yesterday I managed through the day fueled on coffee and Brain Boosters. I had several critical presentations (hence the tossing and turning) and needed to be on my game.

Nonetheless all went well.

Last night I slept like a rock and even though I should be showering right now and heading into the office, I'm taking my time. My first meeting isn't till 10 and the amount of hours I've put in over the last couple of weeks, let alone this year, it won't hurt for me to be a smidgen late.

The year is starting to wrap up. My team had some good successes and I feel good about what we've done. Next year will be even busier, a lot more execution and also (believe it or not) a lot more fun. After all, I do love this stuff otherwise I wouldn't work so hard at it.

Oh, on another note, you know those Christmas cards that I sent out...the handcrafted ones? Little did I know because of their slightly larger size they required extra postage. They're starting to trickle back to me with requests for an additional .20 cents. (It'll cost the USPS more than .20 cents to have informed me of this!) Now I'm faced with the dilemma of just slapping another stamp on them and sending them back into the post office's wheel-works or do I now have to find new envelopes, readdress and put two new stamps?


tornwordo said...

I only made that mistake once. And I think I just put all new stamps on the same envelope.

Greg said...

Just slap another stamp. You can probably get some 20¢ ones at the Post Office. No use wasting the envelope.

Anonymous said...

"...a lot more execution and also (believe it or not) a lot more fun.." I somehow found a lot of humor in that statement.

I'd put them in all new envelopes, use calligraphy to address the envelopes and get another taste out of the envelopes with the lick of those envelope flaps. ;-) Just kidding! Do what those before me have suggested!

Maddog said...

I'm clearly not the people from above. I'd re-address those suckers and make them prettier than I did the first time. But this is coming from a man who wrapped about thirty empty boxes to put under his Christmas tree.