Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sending Christmas Cards

It's cold out there! Brrrr!

Sunday we got a little bit of snow - nothing all that measurable but it's been so cold since that it hasn't melted.

The back porch is icy in spots. Bandit's lead that I clip him to when he goes outside froze in an ice puddle. Trying to get it to open, I wound up breaking the clip. So at lunch yesterday I went to Petco and picked him up a new one.

I never seem to get the right length. The one he had before was too long and he'd often wrap himself around a tree. Now the one I got yesterday is too short. He only has 12 feet. I'll have to pick him up another one to add onto it.

While I was at Petco, I stopped by the grooming salon and left a Christmas card and Dunkin Donuts gift card for his groomer. She was at lunch but the girl behind the counter left it at her station.

I wrote out a bunch of Christmas cards. I used to send upwards of 40 or so. Now I pretty much just send to immediate family and those that care enough to send me one. I love getting cards. I used to go all out and each year get several boxes of Hallmarks in early September or October when the best are still available. This year I just got two Hallmark packages and then some handmade ones I found at a craft fair. Maybe I'll send out more. After all the more you give; the more you get. The ones I really wanted to send were Charlie Brown cards that when you open plays the Vince Guaraldi theme song. They wanted $22 for 6! Even with the buy one package get the other at 50% was too much.

Anyway, I should get ready to get ready. Over and out...


P.S. Bandit says hello from the warm confines of his comfy pillows.


Will said...

Starr sends holiday greetings to Bandit from any one of the six new chair cushions I made for our kitchen dining chairs. She's always curled up in one of them, invariably the exact chair I was planning to sit on.

tornwordo said...

I sent out 40 but I don't receive nearly that many. $22 for six made me gasp, lol.

Greg said...

That reminds me I need to send my Xmas cards! Hope you and Bandit are staying warm!

Anonymous said...

I'm getting behind on sending my cards out. They will be somewhat lower in number this year as well. Hope you managed to get the right length for Bandit's lead.

Anonymous said...

I don't do Christmas cards. I don't have the time and no one ever sends me a card. So I figure why bother?

Stay warm even though it's pouring outside right now but then it's suppose to be freezing rain, snow and sleet. Crazy weather!