Monday, December 22, 2008

Using the Hangnail Excuse

I did something completely stupid. While on the scale of the really, really stupid things I've done this isn't really all that bad: Like the time I decided to drive my Volkswagen Beetle on a strip mall sidewalk and got pulled over by the cops; or the time I thought it would be okay to go away with a "girl" friend for the weekend when she clearly had other things in mind. While not in comparison, this latest act of stupidity really hurts.

About a week ago instead of clipping my toe nail with a pair of toe nail clippers like normal people do, I was on the phone chatting and wound up picking at it and peeling it back. It had been driving me crazy, getting longer and longer and I hadn't found the time to properly cut it. That's always such a chore. In the midst of my chat I was surprised at how pliable it was for normally the cutting this nail requires a chisel and a set of vice grips.

I finished up my conversation and properly disposed of the nail but noticed that it wasn't a clean cut. How could it be having used my fingernail to peel and cut it? What was I thinking? So I wound up with this ragged razor nail and a particularly obtrusive hang nail that got hung up on my sock.

I let it go and didn't think too much about it.

The next morning while putting on my gym socks in a rush for for my final run with the fitness bootcamp, the hangnail got hung up. Ouch! So what did I do? A subsequent act of stupidity: I took my sock back off and ripped the hangnail off. OUCH!

This time I went a little too far. Yet in my workout I persevered through the pain. Actually, I didn't think too much of it. I went running. It stung a bit. It bleed. In the locker room I was all proud feeling like Curt Shilling in the 2004 world series - so butch - with a dabble of blood on my white sock.

Over the course over the week, the soreness in my toe got worse and worse. Now it's to the point where I can barely put any pressure on it. I'm walking like I have a sprained ankle or something - again a Curt Shilling throwback.

I've recently begun soaking my toe in hydrogen peroxide with warm water then bandaging it with Neosporin. But it still kills! It looks awful. I'm afraid it might be infected. Not to be graphic - but I will - the skin that was formally underneath with hang nail has popped out between the existing nail and right-toe side (somehow saying right-hand side didn't seem appropriate). The protrusion is red bulbous and pinches when I walk. Yesterday I think I saw a little pus pocket.

Today I'm going to calling my doctor. I hate to have to leave work early for a hang nail. I never thought I'd truly use that excuse but you got to do what you got to do.


Peter said...

Next time go to a pedicure, they have all the right [and left] equipment. And if you are in for a foot-massage... some of them do thoser as well.

In my case the pedicure is part of my treatment at the hospital, so the insurance picks up the tab :-)

Creative Thinker said...

Done the same thing. If you have some spare antibiotics - try them frist... if not - get some from the doctor or go to a podiatrist. If you do go to a podiatrist, they will do a little procedure that will remove a tiny part of the nail to the bed. The good thing is, it will never happen again on that toe. Good Luck -- I feel your pain...

Maddog said...

I hope it's feeling better. And I agree with Peter, have someone else do it. I love getting pedicures. It's so relaxing and I get my nails painted blue. Wait have I shared too much information?

Greg said...

EW....I've done that, too. Get to a doctor and have it checked to make sure it isn't infected or turned into an ingrown toenail. Those really suck.