Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Blizzard On Its Way

Around mid-morning today the Boston area is expecting the start of this season's first big snowstorm. By the afternoon it's anticipated to come down at a couple of inches an hour. The forecast calls for to accumulations of 8 to 12 inches.


I like the snow and all but mid-day snowstorms like this mean only one thing: commuting hell! Luckily I live only a few miles from the office; however, in conditions like this my 15 minute commute can turn into 1 - 2 hours quite easily.

Another issue is that I've been neglectful in is that I need new tires. So hopefully I'll have decent enough traction to make it up the hills.

Welcome to winter!


Peter said...

Okay, getting up the hill will be a problem but... going down will be much worse!

Hope the traction will work.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. I'm so exciting about this storm. Not. At least will be dead where I work. Would be nice if they closed early.

dit said...

OH my! Glad you are not too far from the office. Be safe and bundle up. Do I sound like a Mom? lol

Anonymous said...

So like the storm brought out all the whacks out this morning at work and why is it some people are just rude.

Example of this "Can't you move faster?!"

Come on dude. I know you didn't say that. I hate snow storms like this. Everyone is just rude. Gah.

Hey do you have an instant messenger?

Anonymous said...

I hope you were spared from the brunt of this storm and that travel is safe.

Maddog said...

I haven't heard a final count of how much snow you guys got. We got four inches here in the city. Which was just enough to make everything slushy.

Be sure to let us know how things are.