Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Back to Work

Yesterday was my first day back to work. And while I envied not being able to sleep in (till 7:00) I have to say it was nice to get back into a routine. It's funny how accustomed I've become to structure. I loathe it when I'm in it yet when I don't have it I don't know what to do with myself.

That's not to say I didn't enjoy my vacation yet by the end of last week I was a little antsy.

Writing is so unstructured. There's no one telling me at 10:00 you need to be modifying chapter 15: You have an hour for your characters to gain consensus and move on. I try to force structure by putting aside a certain time of day to work but wind up being lazy and not feeling like it when the time comes. "I'm on vacation, have a cup of tea and watch another movie." That being said I did make good progress on my book. It's just that sometimes one has to let it flow naturally and also spend your vacation unwinding not creating more stress.

So yesterday, at work, I trudged through a bunch of e-mails. It's funny I didn't have as many as I suspected for most of the people that e-mail me were out too. I worked a little under 9 hours (you got to ease your way back in), came home, took Bandit for a walk and made a nice salmon dinner with pine nut couscous and asparagus. Why does asparagus make your pee smell funny? It's disgusting. You can eat it and pee 30 seconds later and it's already gone through you. And it lasts awhile too. Even this morning...alright you get the point.

Anyway, so that was yesterday.

Sunday I went up to New Hampshire, as I mentioned, for my uncle's memorial service. It was heart-wrenching but always nice to see cousins and family that I don't see very often. We exchanged e-mails and plan to keep in contact.

Today more of the same work stuff. Tonight I think we're going out for dinner at our favorite local haunt. We have a friend coming over to look at a condo for sale up the street then we'll probably head out for a bite to eat.

That's about it.


tornwordo said...

This time getting back to the routine feels like meeting up with an old friend to me.

Hot Toddy said...

Tomorrow is my last day of vacation, and I am really looking forward to being home and finding a routine. I don't have a job anymore (as of 12/31) so I will have to come up with an entirely NEW routine. Hopefully reading your blog will be a regular part of that :)

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about structured. Except I'm that way in and out of work. I need to "loosen up." And ditto on that "smell." At least it doesn't affect the smell of other things or that would be one short-lived veggie.