Thursday, January 01, 2009

Day 10 of My Vacation

Happy New Year!

These aren't the best videos; they're from my cell phone. But they at least show you why I have to hide his Christmas present in the foyer closet. The yelping goes right through you and he just won't leave it alone.


Anonymous said...

I got to see Bandit in action and hear your voice at the same time. Something new for 2009! Here to a new year filled with good health and happiness!

Peter said...

As you said before, he loves that big ball and he can't bite a hole in it!

Fabu Stuff - yum said...

OMG, adorable. :)

tyler said...

damn: his barking does raise the hair on my
i hope you had a great new years eve.

CJ said...

He looks so precious till he opened his mouth. Kind of like children I