Friday, January 02, 2009

Day 11 of My Vacation

Remember the Sumitomo tires I was raving about? Well, they suck in the snow! We got about 9 inches of snow on New Year's Eve into yesterday and I was riding around like Dorothy Hamill on ice skates. I could barely make it out of the driveway. My bald- as- an- eagle- old- ones had better traction than those pieces of crap.

Come to find out, after doing a bit of research, the sold me high-performance summer tires! Something you'd put on a Corvette! I specifically asked the guy at NTB which tires would be best for snow. He pointed me toward the Sumitomos. Regardless, I should have know better. I should have done more research prior to purchasing.

So this morning, just as they were opening, I was there with my receipt and a not too happy look upon my face. They gave me a set of Goodyear All-seasons which were actually much better and cheaper than the Sumos.

Driving home I could feel the difference and while there are still snowy-slick spots about - and they did fine - the true test will be in the next storm.

On another note, I've started writing the synopsis to my story: The executive summary if you will. New Year's Eve someone asked me what my book was about and in effort to describe it in detail I brutalized it. I made it sound like Jack Ass meets Gilligan's Island. So I'm in the process of writing the Hollywood-like jacket description as well as the lengthier synopsis. I'm so caught up in the details of it, especially now, that's it's sometimes hard for me to give the 30 second "elevator" pitch but it's important to have the plot clearly defined and explainable.


Will said...

I fondly remember "snow tires." They had a really deep, butch tread and they grabbed the road securely. I don't know if you can even get them any more what with the take-over by all-weather tires that don't require being changed every fall and spring. I think safety has been sacrificed to convenience.

Rick said...

Will - they still make 'em.