Sunday, January 18, 2009

Enjoying the Long Weekend

I'm just sitting here listening to Susan Tedeschi, one of her first CDs Just Won't Burn. For those of you unfamiliar with her, she's sort of a cross between Bonnie Raitt and Janis Joplin. Apparently Susan will be playing at Obama's inaugural ball.

I have to say even though I was not a supporter of Obama, I am excited about his presidency. I love the enthusiasm that's out there. The change is palpable. As my mentor Wayne Dyer says, "you'll see it when you believe it." Belief in the ability to turn things around is more than half the battle to actually making them happen. And I feel like Americans truly feel like change is possible; we can turn the economy and America around. He's going in strong and I too am hopeful.

I keep forgetting that it's a long weekend. Yes, I haves another free day! Tomorrow no major plans other than going to the gym. I'm determined to get this tired, battered old body back into shape. Yesterday I had all intentions of going but wound up just doing sit ups and push ups at the house. The way I look at it at least it's something.

Last night we had friends down and went to dinner at Capts. I love this restaurant. I had fried clams and while they weren't the best clams I've ever had they were tasty and I did enjoy my meal. I like the atmosphere there. And their french onion soup is wonderful, though it'll burn your mouth off.

Today I'm just lazing around waiting for it to stop snowing so I can shovel. Is it spring yet?

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Tom said...


I don't think you had to have been a supporter of Obama to feel what's happening. Living a little closer to DC we can all feel the excitement in the air.

With all of us so electified and energized by this man, I can't help but think "WE" will be able to turn this bus around...

We have had nothing more than flurries so far this year... I could go for 3-4 inches of accumulating snow just once before the spring hits...

Enjoy your MLK Day! I am working at noon!