Thursday, January 15, 2009

Finally...It's Thursday

I've been neglectful in posting this week. This week started off all wrong.

Part way through Monday as I ran from meeting to meeting, I experienced a sense of relief quickly followed by a crashing burn. Somehow I had been operating under the assumption that it was Thursday (yes, on Monday). The welcomed sense of anticipation for 'one more day before the long weekend' soon vaporized as I looked down at my calendar to four and a half more days of presentations, agendas and influencing.

Somehow I muddled through.

Tuesday evening I kept to my promise of helping a friend search for a new condo. He's a first time home buyer and scared of the whole process. I don't blame him. It is a big ordeal, especially when you're new to it. His agent, in her snazzy new Mustang, picked us up and my house and brought us three places. In order they were as follows: 1.) nasty (enough said), 2.) nice with old flair and a unique charm and 3.) old brick building newly renovated with perfect blend of old and new. He's opting for # 3. It's basically brand new and within walking distance to nearly everything. In fact, he will most likely be making an offer on it today. It took me seven months to make a decision, him about a day.

Yesterday I had fitness bootcamp. We started up a new class last week. This one's a killer. My abs were so tender from Monday's class that I could barely move. I actually cut the skin on my tailbone from doing sit ups without my mat. I was wondering my undies were stained. For a second I thought I neglectful in certain areas but it was actually dried blood. No pain, no gain.

Okay enough I'm really sharing too much when I talk about my stained undies. Over and out...


P.S. Bandit says hello. He's snuggled up on the couch all warm and content. It's 6 degrees outside.


tornwordo said...

I must be rubbing off on you ; )

No fair, you have it 15 degrees warmer there.

Peter said...

I've got good news for you... only one day to go till the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hope your friend has good job security. Even with housing being cheep, there's a lot of people out of work lately. He has reason to be scared. Good luck to your friend.

Anonymous said...

I bit TMI toward the end. Brace yourself for even colder temps heading your way. It was -17 this morning.

A Lewis said...

That gym thing is highly overrated....but, I must admit, necessary....and can even be kind of fun....what with the cute boys and all. Sit Ups Should Continue!! stained shorts and all.

Summer said...

I hate when I think it's the wrong day. Once I woke up on a Friday, thought it was Saturday and about 10:00 a teacher from school called and asked if I was okay. How embarassing. Oh and Bandit is a little cutie.

Ur-spo said...

blood stained undies from strenous workouts sounds too much.
I end my workouts merely feeling humiliated and discouraged but happily there is no blood!