Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Putting on the Ritz

As I mentioned, last weekend we went to Boston's Wine Expo at the Seaport World Trade Center. It was a great time made better by a friend getting us a room at the 5-star Taj Hotel, formerly Ritz-Carlton.

The room was beautiful with a fireplace and a fireplace butler that would come and put a log on for you. We didn't use it; between the tasting and dinner out in the Northend we didn't spend enough time in the room.

The room overlooked Boston's snow covered Public Gardens which we moseyed on through a couple of times. (By the way, one of my more favorite spots in Boston.)

The room also came with other special amenities, of course for a price, like your own selection of pillows hand-delivered to your door. Want a soak in an old world all marble bath? There was a bath menu next to the tub with an accoutrement of selections to be drawn for you.

Once we got back from an exhausting afternoon of tasting several vineyards from around the globe, a complimentary treat of chocolate covered strawberries and imported cheeses was waiting for us thanks to a certain someone. Of course this picture is post-devour. It looked much prettier and was delicious!

After checking out Sunday morning, we walked over to Beacon Hill for a fabulous breakfast at the Paramount, a small cafe with a unique cafeteria like style and wonderful French Toast. Then it was home to Bandit who despite having a dog walker come to the house several times to feed and walk him had a lovely present waiting for us on the bedroom floor.


A Lewis said...

All I can say is WOW! What a life we lead, eh? Surprises and fun around every corner. Very happy for you boys. When our crews overnight in Boston, they stay right there at the Seaport Hotel near the Convention Center. I've only been in the city of Boston once or twice...and need to come back for a full exploration.

Steven said...

Almost too many menus to peruse through. A firewood menu?? Interesting. Glad you were able to enjoy the stay while you were there. The views from the room are impressive.

Ur-spo said...

what about the vino???

Rick said...

Oh yeah...the wine was fantastic!