Thursday, January 08, 2009

XM Radio, Wireless Routers, a Bathrobe, Some Slippers...Oh, and a Crown!

Did I tell you the XM radio I got for Christmas can't be installed in my car? I was all excited to get it put in and brought it to Best Buy on the scheduled appointment that C set up for me when I some skinny kid with a bandanna and the social skills of a gnat informed me I needed an output jack from Volvo in order to proceed. I went to Volvo and they told there was no such thing then proceeded to double check by looking up bulletins to find out that after market satellite radios can only be handled in 2005 models and up. Mine's a 2003. Bummer. I was hoping to prove bandanna-boy wrong.

So anyway I had to return my satellite radio and exchanged it for a wireless router so that I can enjoy Internet access throughout the house instead of only in my office. Sunday, on my own, I tried installing it and after three hours of frustration, loss of my printer connections, three new viruses and one blip of a connection to my other laptop. I decided I'd let Geek Squad do it. I've yet to set up the appointment. The router is sitting back in it's box on the floor.

I hate computers.

On a brighter note I'm enjoying my bathrobe. In fact, as I'm sitting here typing I'm all snuggled up in beautiful black velour comfort. I also love my slippers. The memory foam has perfectly meshed to the contorts of my feet and provide a nice comfy feel. Though they are partly to blame for my fall off the porch, I've since forgiven them.

Speaking of my fall, you should see my hip. It's about as black as my robe.

Anyway, I have to head to the dentist this morning to get my temporary crown removed and the permanent one put in. Over and out...


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your radio. And, I understand your frustration with computers. At times I hate mine-but--finally it all works out. You will love your router once it's working.


Maddog said...

That's actually not a crown. That's a tiarra. Which is much more fun.

Anonymous said...

Technology can be a pain sometimes. Actually more than sometimes, but not always. ;-)

I hope all went well at the dentist today and that the novacaine has worn off and you're back to speaking normal again.

Peter said...

What can I add, Anon, Jeff & Steven have said it all.

Anonymous said...

glad you love your robe

tyler said...

hey rick:
call the number in your router handbook, he/she can help you install it w/o having to pay anyone.

A Lewis said...

Any pics of that robe and slippers...with you in them?? Just wondering. Thanks for stopping by my site and commenting. Have a great week.