Sunday, February 22, 2009

Facebook vs. Blooger: Delving into the Past

I feeling a tad guilty for not having blogged since last Wednesday. Facebook has been consuming my early morning blogging time. And while Facebook's newness is fading for me it's still fun to find old acquaintances and see what they're up to.

I thought today I'd just write a bunch of random stuff - kind of stream of consciousness, hence the following drivel:

My hands are dry as hell. In 2004, I bought the warehouse package of Curel. It came with two large pump dispensers and a smaller carry one. I've finally used up all but one which I leave at my office. The other day I bought a bottle of Jergen's to replace the dispenser I had at home. While it smells nice it's not quite as good as my Curel. I miss my ultra-healing lotion.

I warned you this was boring drivel.

Good God...I bought my lotion 5 years ago! I could have gotten another undergraduate degree and be working on a Master's by now. Instead I have a hunk of High Density Polyethylene for the recycling man.

I'm an avid recycler. Thankfully the city recently upped the curbside pick-up to once a week. My recycling tubs would be overflowing waiting every other and now with the extra tub of Curel amidst empty bottles of wine and bottled water they have even more to carry.

I've befriended my gay weatherman on Facebook. You know the one I used to have a crush on. He's actually very nice, very active in Boston's gay community. The Internet is great for taking the distance out between those you wouldn't normal meet, including high profile individuals.

I got my taxes done last week. And yes...I don't have to pay. In fact, I'm getting a good chunk of change back. Sweet! I guess paying a ton of interest on the mortgage helps.

Friday night, I bought plane tickets to go Florida for November. Disney World and Mom's for Thanksgiving. I haven't booked hotels yet but on C found excellent plane fare so we snagged them.

It's approaching Bandit's annual vaccination time. God he's expensive. I just shelled out $450 for his health insurance. He got groomed on Friday for $60. The food he likes is $30 a whack and only lasts about two weeks. And now the vet with a bunch of shots will probably run me another $400 bucks.

I'm not complaining. (Well just a little bit.) I could certainly be a lot worse.

My brother was supposed to be coming home in May but has since postponed. Bummer.

Since my memory isn't the greatest, once in awhile I like to go back in time on my blog and see what I was doing. Last year, we were anticipating a snowstorm which wound up not being as bad as they predicted. Then a couple days later we found this house.

On February 22, 2007 I was blogging about my past (1984-ish).

On February 22, 2006 I was getting back into the swing of things following a long weekend.

It's hard to believe I'm going on my fourth year of blogging. I started November 12, 2005 and shortly after went to Florida for my sister's wedding and saw John Fugelsang, former America's Funniest Videos and VH1 host.

And to bring things full circle, while I can't remember exactly when, for it pre-dates my blogging, let's just say around this time in 2004 I got my BJ's warehouse bargain on Curel. I'm pretty good at making my dollar stretch.

Over and out...



Anonymous said...

Your hand lotion is older than your blog...Hmmmmm

A Lewis said...

Where shall I begin? The lotion. I just read an article on the three lotions that hydrate the best and Curel was one of them....Jergens was NOT (as you've found out). I've also had great luck with Eucerin and one other that I can't remember (Oil of Olay??). Being a flight attendant, I wash my hands a million times of day and have dry hands too. And don't forget the feet....except before's hell to slide off of your mat!!

Dog Shots: Mason just had his annual two days ago. Cost = Zero! We buy the vet's health plan that covers all vaccinations and routine visits plus some other things and gives us a 10% discount on all other products/services. Whew. His food isn't quite what yours costs either....he has been scratching quite a bit lately so we're dealing with his dry skin issue.

More than you needed to know???

Ur-spo said...

Fie on Facebook - it takes away one's energies from blogging.

tornwordo said...

I've always been askeerd to buy plane tix on Hotwire. I always think they're going to put my on a redeye with 12 connections or something. What happens to your hands if you don't put cream on them? I don't think I've ever used it.

"Just David!" said...

As expensive as the dog is you need to be stretching that dollar!

Tom said...

Great post... We all have to get the drivel out every now and then...

I may do the same soon!


Steven said...

I hear you on your sentiments about the dry hands. During the winter I am constantly washing my hands trying to keep colds and flus far from me.

Congrats on getting change back from the government! :-)

Does your fourth year of blogging have anything to do with your post title reference to "Blooger" instead of "Blogger?" :-)