Monday, February 09, 2009

My Life is Pretty Boring but I Like It!

I've been told that my Blog has been boring. That I don't write as much as I used to and that I'm not as revealing. The fact of the matter is that my life is pretty boring, not much to reveal. Don't get me wrong. I love my life. It's just that for once I don't have a lot of drama going on. I'm comfortable, which for me is a good thing. For enticing reading, not necessarily so.

There's something to be said that some of the best writers, actors and musicians do their best work when depressed or working through some challenges. I'd rather forgo the challenges for simplicity in life. I'll let my art (not that Blog writing is going to get one an Eric Hoffer) suffer.

Despite my musings on curtains, dinners with friends, reading the newspaper with a glass of wine, walking Bandit through the Common, avoiding updates to my novel and being tired from one too many meetings, I'm hoping you'll come back for more. I'll be here.


Peter said...

OMG did you do an online survey of your blog?

You're the King of your writings, Emperor of your blog.

When others think it's boring then it's quite easy... just like a TV there's a button where you can change to an other channel or switch it off. It's simple.

Will said...

Not to worry, I'll be coming back here.

A Lewis said...

Boring? Ah, who cares. We all have seasons -- of our lives and our blogs. They definitely go up and down, boring to wild, crazy to blah. It's not about the short-term. It's about the long-term.

Anonymous said...

Rick, bwahhhh!/&# How erroneous! I like your blog, in fact, I love your blog. I don't think u need to change a thing. Seeing your life from my perspective, it is thrilling. Keep up the good work!


tornwordo said...

Who said it was boring? I'll smack em for ya.

Anonymous said...

I agree that you haven't written much lately, but your boring life makes our boring day seem that much more normal. Continue to tell us what you had for dinner or how your walk went with keeps us tuning in for more.

tyler said...

there is art in simplicity. simplicity in real art.
i read you (though i seldom comment) because you feel comfortable and comforting.
is this good?

Summer said...

I'll be back, I just found you!

Ur-spo said...

who would have the cheek to say a blog is boring?

Always remember you are not trying to impress or entertain; you are writing for expression of youself.
Readers and their approval are secondary.

Greg said...

Blog when you feel like it. It's your blog, and it's only boring if you think it is. Which it isn't.

Steven said...

Far from boring. Keep doing what YOU want. I look forward to the tales of the back porch regarding its color or slipperiness factor once Spring is sprung. :-)