Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sarah Jessica Parker in Salem

Salem was once again the destination for Hollywood.

Last week Salem was caught off guard when Sarah Jessica Parker and crew arrived to film an upcoming episode of "Who Do You Think You Are?" - a new show to air in this spring which follows celebrities as they trace their ancestral roots. Could Sarah be related to the Parker Brothers, creators of the famous Monopoly board game which was created and manufactured in Salem?

Courtesy of Ken Yuszkus, Staff Photographer, Salem News

Truth be told: When I was living in New York City, in the early 90s, I had certain connections. And from those connections, I wound up with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's phone number. I had a crush on Broderick and was convinced he was gay and that he was just waiting for me to become his boyfriend. Well let's just say they didn't enjoy my phone call.


Peter said...

I still think Matthew has a bit of 'gayness' over him. You're not the only one who had fantasies about him!

A Lewis said...

THEY can be SO not full of understanding when it comes to understanding we commoners. And tell me that looking at Matthew in Torch Song Trilogy didn't turn you on and ACTUALLY MAKE you call him??

Rick said...

You got me.

tornwordo said...

That makes me smile. I'm not alone in the phoning the celebrity retardation.

Steven said...

I think you just called at the wrong time. ;-)