Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spring Cleaning? Not Just Yet.

With temperatures this week broaching 50, a lot of the snow has melted. Woo hoo! I can see the grass again. I almost forgot what it looked like. (In fact, Bandit's out watering it right now. Oh joy.)

I'm looking forward to the spring but what a mess this spring cleaning is going to be. There's a lot of dirt left behind from the city sanding the road; some leaves I never got to from the fall and just general maintenance of getting things back to normal.

There's back to normal then there's getting it to look better.

Bandit playing with his ball on the grub filled lawn last summer.

This year the focus will be on the outside of the house more so than the inside. I want to do better landscaping. Last year we spent most of time getting the interior of the house together and just maintained the grounds. For instance, we have a sprinkler system that we've never turned out. Most of the heads have burst or have been run over by the lawn mower. (I didn't see them till it was too late...oops!) So they'll need to be replaced. The water faucet in the back burst because I never shut the water off to it. Actually I never even knew it was on; we never used it. The shed needs painting. Stuff like that. So I've got my work cut out.

Well, I'm glad it's the long weekend. I told myself I wouldn't log into the office or work from home. (I'm trying not to.) This weekend is about relaxing and getting house stuff done. Today I'm having my taxes prepared, hopefully getting some money back. And then later we're heading out for Valentine's dinner.

Bandit needs a grooming but Jane can't see him till next Wednesday. So he's going to have to wait. He's been costly this month. His health insurance policy renewed ($$$), his specialty food is no longer on sale ($$) and now a grooming ($$). Oh's all for the economy right?


Ur-spo said...

when you are done, please come over and landscape some here if you please...

Anonymous said...

Just think... with all that yard work how great you'll look and no boot camp.

Steven said...

I hope you had as productive a weekend as you hoped and that you didn't have to log into the office. So what's the result after the taxes were prepared? Money come or money go? ;-)