Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bandit Talks: Blabber...I Mean Bladder

Hey ho...Bandit here! Yes, Rick's 7 year old geriatric obese Cairn Terrier - as my father now calls me. Nice huh?

It's been a long, long, long time since my Dad has handed over the keyboard to me but seeing that I had a trying day yesterday the control-freak has momentarily relinquished the laptop.

First off I am fine. And am grateful for your concerns regarding my spotty urine. I am happy to tell you it is not cancer, a fear my Dad was fretting with. It is indeed a clump of bladder stones. While it's not great; it's not what the doctors and my Dads feared.

Yesterday I had an ultrasound. Something of which I'm not wanting to repeat. Aside from my Dad complaining about the cost ($330) and now God knows what for the surgery, he was relatively supportive of me whilst I lay on the table with two grown men holding me down then rubbing gel and a wand over my stomach. Dad just sat and petted my head and listened to the mumbo-jumbo about acidic urine and mineralization with the doctor.

To no avail, I wrestled to get free.

Now I'm playing the "poor me" card really well. Getting lots of attention for it. Little does my Dad know I'm not really in any pain but I'll let him think it and soak up all the pampering.


Will said...

Bandit, it's a pleasure to have you blogging again. I've always loved your posts. Thanks for the health update. I worry about you whenever Rick tells us you're having a problem. Here's hoping this one is easily solved. Big Hugs from just across the border "up north!"

Peter said...

Bandit, enjoy it while it lasts.

After surgery you can over do it.

A Lewis said...

My dear little pooch, you are such a handsome young man....not nearly as old as your daddy makes you sound. Daddies can be so mean sometimes. We're thinking good thoughts for you,handsome. Take good care.

"Just David!" said...

That dog just gets cuter and cuter!

Summer said...

Dear Bandit,
My border collie Shelby had bladder stones and had them removed. We kept them in a little bottle for a while. You'll feel better when they're gone.

Charles said...

Bandit, that is good news! I'm glad to hear it's not cancer.

Steven said...

Glad to hear that the worst fear has passed. Now on to treatment and recuperation.

Greg said...

Good for you, Bandit! I've had kidney stones and know how painful those can be. Thanks goodness you've got only bladders stones and not cancer. Take care of yourself!!

Glenn said...

Bandit, I'm always happy when you take over the keyboard. You're a great writer. Rick should let you express yourself more often!