Wednesday, March 18, 2009

From Titian to Sump Pumps

I feel as if I been neglectful of my blog. Okay, I have been. But that's all I seem to write about when I do write: sorry I haven't written in awhile; I've been so busy.

So today I thought I'd just rant and write and see where it takes us.

  • I woke up early this morning: three-thirty. I laid in bed till about four-thirty then decided a cup of coffee and some blogging would be a good idea. So here I am.

  • Lately, my life has been focused on work more so than usual. I've got some demanding deadlines this year that, at this rate, will be December before you know it.

  • However, I'm looking forward to the spring. The weather is starting to warm up a bit. We've been hovering in the high 40s to 50s the last week or so and no snow in sight.

  • I'm trying to plan a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts. There's a Titian exhibit that started on Sunday that I'm anxious to see. Maybe next weekend. I love Renaissance paintings. When I was in Italy in 2000 I really enjoyed the galleries.

  • What else have I done? Oh, we planned a trip to Disneyworld and Florida for Thanksgiving. We're staying at the Contemporary because as a kid my parents could never afford it and I promised myself one day to stay there. I love Disney!

  • Because interest rates have come down, we're refinancing the house. We close next Monday and will have lowered our payment quite a bit. So that's a good thing.

  • As I mentioned before, Bandit's going under for his teeth cleaning. They're going to draw blood and also take a urine sample. He's had a bit of blood in his urine. They suspect stones.

  • My sump pump is constantly going - lots of ground water. My house is over an old river bed. So there's always water year round but in the spring the water table is particularly high. Every fifteen to twenty minutes it's going on for about thirty seconds and then shuts off. The normal cycle is about every hour or two. I used to worry about it. Now it's just part of the routine.
Alright, enough of my blabbering. Till next time...


tornwordo said...

Good news for the refi.

Peter said...

You write on your blog when you want, you DON'T have to, but you can.
NEVER apologize, we your RSS readers know when you have something new to say [or moan] ;-)

Anonymous said...


I'm envious! That emotion for me is rare-but, I want to go with you to the Titian exhibit. So, since I can't, please tell us about it after u have seen it. I love Disney too!


A Lewis said...

Man, that pump might worry it more than a typical spring?? Good luck with the pooch....ours fell out off of the bed during the night last night...poor thing, I heard this noise and found him standing in the dark staring at me.