Monday, March 02, 2009

In Like a Lion

...and I'm anxiously awaiting the out like a lamb part.

I woke up this morning to about 5 or 6 inches of snow on the ground. My office called and said there would be a delay to opening; I don't need to be in till 9:30. The worst is yet to come. By afternoon we're expected to get a total of about 10-12 inches.

Florida sounds nice about right now.

Bandit doesn't care for this weather either. He went out this morning to go the bathroom and took a pee right on the deck, didn't even give me a chance to close the door behind him and he was back in.

I'm debating whether or not to shovel now or wait. The worst band is expected within the hour or so; it probably makes sense to wait till after. The plow hasn't even come down the street yet so I don't even know if I'll be able to get up the hill.

I'm supposed to bring the car into the shop this morning. That damn clanging noise! Apparently they've figured out what it is -- a metal lug nut in the axle that needs to be silenced with glue. Apparently Volvo's are notorious for making this sound, especially in the turbo models for the powerful engine puts a lot of stress on the front end and wears away the buffer. It's nothing to worry they say. It's just annoying and that I can attest to. But with today's weather, I think I'm going to save that repair for another day.


Steven said...

Doesn't that snow just look beautiful? Time to bring out the sled. :-)

If you have the time, I'd shovel now and later. To shovel everything when the storm is over may be a bit difficult. I thought you had purchased a huge snowblower recently?

Drive carefully into work.

Steven said...

P.S. - Love the new header!

Tom said...


I know you get more of this than we do, but it's beautiful! Richmond VA is pretty much "closed" for the day... The local weather people are all trying to figure out how much snow we actually got. The Official tally is 5.5 inches at the airport, but when Ringo (Michael's Jack Russell), who has never seen snow before, went out this morning, he was buried and made a little doggie swath/ditch behind him about 8 inches deep...

Oh, and I had to tell Michael's son Alex... to remember not to eat yellow snow!!!



A Lewis said...

You could be here in fairly balmy Portland....46, not raining right this second...and a gentle breeze. And, by the way, STOP complaining about 5-6 inches.

Rick said...

Steven - yes, it's beautiful when it first falls but then it's the reality of cleaning it all up. And even with a snowblower it's a pain in the arse. Glad you like the new header. It's fun.

Tom - when you don't get it often (no pun intended) it can be fun but over and over again gets tiring. Glad you're enjoying it.

Lewis - when it comes to snow, I'm not a size queen. : )

Ur-spo said...

I for one am mad-jealous. I would love this sort of snow ! I miss winter.
In contrast we have record highs, into the 80s, and are eyeing already the AC. No fun in that.