Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another Random Post

It's going to hit 80 degrees this weekend! New England isn't known for smooth transitions when it comes to the weather. One day it's snowing, the next you've got the air conditioner on. Regardless I'm looking forward to being out in shorts, a t-shirt and sandals.

The buds are blooming. The grass is green. I've called a couple of landscapers to get quotes on mulching and re-seeding part of the lawn. I can't wait to make it look nice. I love landscaping. Well, not the physical work of it but the after effects of being "landscaped". Additionally, my friend Bob is coming over on Sunday to give me suggestions on various plantings. We're going to have our first cookout of the year.

Work has been utterly exhausting. I feel as if I'm drowning but whose complaining? Okay I am.

Bandit is doing much, much better after his bladder stone surgery. He's back to his old self. He has his final check up this morning and we should get the results of the type stone. Hopefully it's the one that doesn't keep coming back but I tend to doubt it. The only other type is more prevalent in females. We'll see.

I have lots and lots of errands to do today including going to get a new bedroom set. Is that really an errand? We refinanced the house on Thursday. Once we did so we told ourselves we would finally get the new bedroom set we've been planning on since last fall. The one we have now is a queen and while fully functional isn't big enough for two men and a dog. The old set will go perfect in the guest bedroom.

I did a few more edits to my book this week. Last year I flagged sections of the hard copy that needed a little tweaking. I'm about half way through now. Writing this book has been the longest process, especially when you only get to spend a couple hours, at best, a week on it.

Well Bandit's outside barking at squirrels. I should go get him in.


Anonymous said...

I talked to my daughter who lives in Somerville. She was excited about 80 degree weather too!

Ur-spo said...

I like random thoughts entries like this.

Steven said...

Glad to hear that Bandit is doing much better and that the results of the type of stone is better than feared. I hope you have been having some well-slept night with the new furniture.

Will said...

Good news on Bandit. We're landscaping big here, deciding how to cope with all the rock here and incorporate it creatively into the gardens--somehow!