Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Clean Up

My yard is a mess. Over the winter, the snowplows dug up part of my front lawn. I need to patch that up. Of course last year's mulch is gone I need to order more. And there are bare spots all over the grass and then leaves that fell after I did the fall raking. Luckily this weekend looks as if it's going to be nice so I should have time to tend to some of it. Unfortunately Bandit will be recuperating from his surgery so he's going to be vying for my attention.

My friend Bob, former landscaper, is going to come over and give me some suggestions on what to do for landscaping. The prior owner had planted some bushes along the boarder of the backyard but two of the bushes have died. I want to replace them but have no idea what they are. Also on the upper lot, as I call it, over by the shed I want to do something interesting. Perhaps wisps of prairie grass and ivy, or something instead of just weeds and sprigs of grass amongst the trees. I'm not very good with picking plants. He'll know what to do.

Good God, can you believe it's already April 15th? Where has the time gone to? Somebody slow it down! I love this time of year though - at least when the weather cooperates. Usually by May early June the New England weather is really warm and then before you know it stifling hot.

Spring is springing. The tulips and bulbs I planted last fall are starting to rear their heads. I can't remember all that I planted but hopefully they'll all come up.

My street is still dirty from the city trucks sanding the hill. Of course, being at the bottom of the hill it all washes in front of my house during the rain. There's a big pile of dirt out front. This weekend I'm going to sweep it clean. Waiting for the city to do it, I'll be waiting till Christmas.

Christmas. At the rate this year is flying I should start my shopping now. Speaking of which, the new Nordstrom opens this Friday.


Steven said...

Christmas??!! Egads! Then again, my pointsettias are still going strong.

Looking forward to hearing how the landscaping is going to go. I've got to do some as well.

Ur-spo said...

my yard is a mess too
please come over as soon as you can to tidy it up.