Saturday, May 23, 2009

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and Other Stuff

Just a few snippets...

I'm on vacation! Though promised to check e-mails and voice mail at least once a day.

I woke up this morning with the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy song going off in my head. Not quite sure why but I'll take it as a good sign.

I'm ordering a couple of books from Amazon: Fag Hag by Robert Rodi and Blue Heaven by Joe Keenan.

Going to buy a power washer today so that I can wash down the shed before we paint it.

The lawn is looking fabulous. The fertilizer and TLC I've put into it is beginning to show.

Bandit's looking good. He's trimmed down quite a bit from his new bladder stone diet. Speaking of which I've still yet to receive the results from his urinalysis over a month ago. But no more accidents.

I'm loving my new king size bed. The mattress is big and firm. Comfy!

The past couple of days has been really hot...80s - 90s. Today is cool. Proud that I've yet put on the air conditioners.

Energy savings alert: Got my new gas bill. It was only $47.01! Down from a high of $400-500 during the winter. I'm excited about that.

Signed up for Boot Camp again. Recall that's were the trainer comes to my office and beats the sh*t out of me from 6-7 am. I quit in April telling myself I would go to the gym instead. I've been once!

Glad Denis came by to install lighting in first floor bath and fixed my gutter.


A Lewis said...

Glad all is well! Especially that king bed...and the pup too.

Will said...

Sounds as if we're both on a heavily
handyman-oriented domestic track. I find it very rewarding and hope it's working for you, too.

Very good news about Bandit. You're probably aware that he caught my interest and my heart pretty early in my reading of the blog.

Ur-spo said...

Thank you for all your information. I like little tidbits like this.
I am intrigued with the boot camp. I hope it goes well.
I had to laugh local about the hot heat - that would be cool day here in Arizona!

tornwordo said...

What kind of vacation is it when you are still attached to the office. I would hate that. Yay for bandit, beds and beautiful lawns.

Steven said...

Hopefully there isn't much money invested in the power washer. You can usually rent those for the day at a "rent-all" store. Glad to hear of Bandit's progress. Here's to many years of good nights of sleep with the new bed.

Greg said...

If I had known you wanted Blue Heaven, I could've sent you my copy! That, and Putting on the Ritz.

Maddog said...

Hope you are enjoying your vacation. You didn't mention if you were visiting any place. I assume you are home. Which can be far more relaxing than the stress of traveling.

Tell Bandit I said hello.