Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Down Time

I love my down time. This morning the sprinkler system woke me up at 4:45 as I heard the sound of water being forced from its heads. Since I went to bed early (9pm), I decided to get up. Early morning hours relaxing, blogging, surfing the net and putzing, as I call it, are an oasis to me in an often crazy world.

Yesterday wasn't too bad work wise. I only had a handful of meetings and was able to keep pace with the morning's batch of e-mails though I'm still behind on last week's e-mails and even the month...I mean week before that.

I also had a lunch time dentist appointment. My hygienist is so sweet. She wants me to find a gay couple to buy the house next to her. "It just needs two gay guys to fix it up. It's lovely." So if you know anyone wanting to rehab a quaint Victorian in the sea-side village of Magnolia (gorgeous area by the way), let me know.

Tonight is the Bridge Street Revitalization Committee's public meeting. This is the town's working group that I've been apart of for the last month or so. We're meeting with the community to elicit input from the area's residents and business owners for improvement ideas. There's a lot of exciting opportunities occurring. For example, the old Salem Jail a beautiful late 1800s Gothic building, which has been rotting since the early 90s, was recently purchased and development has begun to turn it into an upscale restaurant with luxury apartments. We're also repaving the streets, putting in new sidewalks and period lighting.

The Old Salem Jail in a State of Disrepair

Bandit's doing well. He's had no more accidents since taking him to the vet. I wondering if he was just getting used to his new bladder. He loves his new food. Though I still need to find a good homegrown recipe for him.

Well, I've got another hour to do some more putzing. Over and out...



Maddog said...

4:45? I'm usually not in bed from the night before. I'm glad you were able to get in some "you" time before work.

Ur-spo said...

Our pool vacuum comes on at the same time - it often wakes me up. so we are 'in synch' that way.

Steven said...

Early, early weekend mornings, particularly in the summer, are my favorite part of the day to be outside. No "hustle and bustle" clogging the streets and all you hear are the birds. Glad to see your involvement in that revitalization committee!!

CJ/Rick said...

So glad to learn Bandit is doing well.