Saturday, May 02, 2009

May Day Blabberings

It's 7 am on a showery Saturday morning. I'm sipping a cup of Bokar Blend Eight O'clock Coffee, the bag of which I just registered on the rewards section of their website. I'm such a fan that I've already received an Eight O'clock mug and am now racking up points for a $25 gift certificate.

Tonight we're going to see Adele. I bought Chris tickets for his birthday. It seemed so long ago when I purchased them. Now here it is. I love her song Chasing Pavements. She won a Grammy for best new artist of the year.

I have a million things to do this weekend including preparing a presentation for work next week. I've been swamped at the office. I was supposed to go to a birthday party on Sunday but am too far behind at work. I'm also taking this year's first vacation day (actually a couple of days) at the end of the month. We're heading down to Newport, Rhode Island for Memorial Day weekend. I need to get caught up now so that I'm not slammed when I get back. Well, that's probably inevitable but I can at least try to mitigate as best as possible.

Bandit's stone and polyp results came back. The polyp is benign (phew!) and the stone is the calcium oxalate type which is the worst kind because this means he's predisposed to having them come back. We need to monitor his urine every couple of months and follow up with x-rays to ensure no new formation ($$$$$). Good God! I have to swing by this morning to pick up his new prescription food. The one he has been on is for the wrong type of stone. I'm researching homemade diets now. He also had to go back earlier this week because he kept having accidents. We suspect an infection but haven't gotten the culture ($$$) back yet. He's been fine the last couple of days. The poor thing would be happy and all playing with a ball or something then all of a sudden he'd squirt all over the floor, hunker down as if he were going to be scolded then head to the door. Like I said, he's been fine the last few days so hopefully it's gone.

Well, I need to pick up the dry cleaning, get Bandit's prescription, go to Home Depot, pick up a few groceries (or not) and then head back to do some yard work before my handyman friend comes over to finish up some repairs he couldn't get to last weekend. He's fixing the outside faucet that had froze and burst last fall. (I didn't even know it was on.) It's connected to the underground sprinkler system which we've never used. He's going to see if he can't get that running too but I know there are a ton of broken heads -- like the one I mowed over last summer.

I bought a rare Winsch Halloween postcard this week on eBay. I have several Halloween cards in my collection but none by John Winsch. I don't know a ton about him other than he's very collectible and considered one of the better postcard artists from the early 20th century. Most of my Halloween cards are by Ellen Clapsaddle. Anyway, I won't bore you with the details. It's the stuff only a deltiologist would find fascinating.

1913 John Winsch "Hallowe'en Faces"


tornwordo said...

deltiologist? Wow, there's a word for every malady, isn't there : )

Sh@ney said...

Goodness my need to take a breath once and awhile...hehe

Ahhh to be so busy and not have to sit and watch time go by....It must be nice...hehe

Have a wonderful time with Adele! And enjoy your break away...xoxox

Steven said...

Good news to hear on Bandit, particularly with the polyp. Hopefully the new diet will help prevent future stones. Have a fun time in Newport.

Charles said...

If you can fid some time to slow down amongst the rush.