Sunday, May 31, 2009


Looks as if my blog traffic has dwindled. I'm not surprised. Posting only once or twice a week has led to my old regulars going elsewhere to find more entertaining material. The drama of years past, luckily for me, has subsided. My reads now I admit are a bit dry. "Today I cut the grass. Yesterday I went to Target. Right now I'm drinking coffee."

I have settled down. But I am happy.

So what's going on in this little world of mine?

Last night we spent the evening in - typical for us as of late. We had steak tips on the grill and a couple of cocktails. We walked around the yard and talked about what perennials should go where. (I find it exciting.) Bandit with his never ending stamina to play followed us around with his squeaky ball (a gift from Uncle Bob...thank you Bob). Toss. Ten seconds later back at my feet. Toss. Repeat. Toss Repeat. To the point of ad nauseam.

Rewind this picture three or four years ago and I'd be out shopping the gay clubs. Dancing. Meeting guys. And playing ball with Bandit. That never changes.

No thanks...I'm all set with that.

So what's on the agenda for today?

This morning I woke up to the sprinkler system running. I went outside to catch an early morning (5 am) breather and noticed the bee balm I planted yesterday strewn all over the driveway. Apparently critters like to eat it. Damn things! Or, now that I think of it, maybe they were trying to get at the creatures underneath it. I had to cut that landscape fabric in order to plant it. Perhaps I unearthed worms or something.

Anyway, back to my coffee.


tornwordo said...

There was drama? You, a disco boy? Now my image of you is shattered ; )

Tom said...

Some of us are still here!

Ur-spo said...

So THAT is the dreaded homosexual agenda I constantly hear will ruin America. You shameful thing!

Rick said...

Oh're a newbie.

Thanks Tom for sticking by me.

Yes, THAT is the gay agenda!

Anonymous said...


I will remain.


Anonymous said...

I check on you every couple of days because my boring life makes yours sound exciting. Keep writing.

Charles said...

I don't comment all the time but I try to stop by as much as possible. Guess, I need to stop by more often. Rick, thanks for stopping by my place too.

Rick said...

Why so anonymous?


Donnie said...

I'm still an occasional reader and commenter. Now that summer is here, I'll probably be more attentive to my blogging and blog-reading.