Saturday, May 30, 2009

Up, Up and Away... my beautiful, my beautiful balloon.

Last night I saw what has quickly become one of Rick's most favorite movies. Up. I predict this Disney/Pixar animation will be a classic, feel good movie that both children and adults will watch for decades. I haven't felt this touched by a movie since I first saw "It's a Wonderful Life". You must see! I blubbered like a baby.

After the movie, and me wiping away the snots from my face, we went to The Grapevine for dinner. This is a wonderful little restaurant that I tend to overlook when wanting a good meal. I don't know why. I've never been dissatisfied and last night certainly did not displease. We had a fabulous meal. We first had a drink at the bar joined by my sister and brother-in-law who happened to be in the area. They had already eaten at the Salem Willows so didn't stay for dinner.

After they left we were seated at quiet little table in the back dining room, which I like better than their front room. We snacked on brocolli rabe spring rolls...delicious! And Chris had the kale soup with pimento beans which I sampled and loved. For the main course I couldn't decided between scallops alfredo with their homemade fettucini or the eggplant ravioli special so the waitress was kind enough to help me make my decision: She gave me half portions of each and I honestly couldn't tell you which I liked better. Fantastic meal! Also, their X-rated martinis are wonderful. They're made with a splash of grapefruit juice which had I known I wouldn't have ordered; I don't particularly like grapefruit juice but a friend had highly recommended them. Three later and I'm a fan.

A perfect way to round out my vacation week.

Oh, I neglected to mention we spent the bulk of the week in Newport, Rhode Island. We toured the mansions, did Cliff Walk, had great meals with wonderful conversations and good wine. A nice romantic get away

Newport was a lot of fun but coming home was nice too. Bandit missed us. We had a friend house sit.

Bandit is doing so much better since his surgery. The so called "skin allergies" that his other vet diagnosed have vanished. Apparently his scratching was him trying to get at the bladder stone pinching inside him. Poor thing must have been in a lot of pain. (Don't know why he just didn't tell me about it.)

Okay, over and out...


tornwordo said...

Three?! That a boy!

"Just David!" said...

I've been to Newport but never toured the mansions, I want to go back and do that. Looks fab!