Monday, May 18, 2009

Vacation 'Round the Corner

I got my new bedroom set this weekend. It's wonderful, nice and big. The set is named the Louis Provincial - sounds a bit formal but is simply elegant and works well in the space. They had difficulty getting it up three flights of stairs but after my agreeing that if they scuffed the wall I wouldn't freak out they forced it up. I had to break out the left over paint to cover up some dings but nothing major. The thing weighs a ton; the headboard itself is up to my shoulders.

I also spent Saturday weeding the upper lot. It looks a lot better. Once I was done I sprayed a whole bottle of Round Up (I can hear the environmental police cringing now) to get at the remaining weeds and to prevent future growth. Eventually I want to have some loam delivered and plant a bunch of ground cover ivy and a few shrubs but all in good time. There's still a lot of other things to do.

This is my last week of work before vacation! Yeah! Next week I'm off the entire week and will be spending a few days in Newport, Rhode Island. I could use some rest and relaxation. I'm exhausted.


Ur-spo said...

nothing like new furniture to brighten up the day.
Will there be a 'christening"?

Have a good holiday !

tornwordo said...

Poisoning the earth, nice. Round up is illegal here for just that reason. (But next time I drive across the border I'm buying some, damned dandelions.)

Greg said...

Vacation? What the heck is that??

I hope you enjoy yours!!!

Steven said...

Glad to hear that the new bedroom furniture is liked and fits well with the bedroom. It must be one HUGE master bedroom. :-)

Have a fantabulous time on your vacation! Rest and relax!