Friday, June 26, 2009

Losing Michael and Farrah

Upon hearing of Michael Jackson's death, I was reminded of a post I wrote a couple years ago. I talked about how I felt bad for him. I still do.

And on the same day to lose Farrah Fawcett - her situation so sad.

Yesterday was certainly a strange day. I heard about Farrah's last rights being read to her in the morning while I was waiting for my car at the Volvo dealer. During a meeting, while I launched the Internet in the boardroom and MSN flashed up we all let out a sigh as we read the headlines: Farrah Fawcett Dies at 62.

Later that night, while I was catching up on the morning paper and enjoying a glass of wine, Chris was on the computer. "Michael Jackson is dead?" He said questioning the headline. "He should sue people for writing such garbage about him."

I asked which ridiculous RSS feed was he getting that from. "CNN," he said.

I ran over to the computer to read the headlines.


A Lewis said...

I hate it when I see people's lives go downhill (my words, my opinion)....I wish that the end of folks' lives would be filled with more excitement, joy, and activity than the beginning. I'm trying.

Steven said...

While I was not quite as moved by Michael Jackson's death like others who have flocked to his residences, I will admit some of his older songs brought back sooo many memories from junior high and high school.

Steven said...

It was also hard to believe that Farrah's sister also died of cancer in 2001. The poor father outlived his daughters. :-(

"Just David!" said...

For Farrah, the pain in finally over. I can certainly sympathize and hope I don't end up going the same route. For Michael, tragic! It's ashamed he didn't have someone in his life who could tell him he was a mess, but what a body of work he left behind. Fond memories indeed!