Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Still Blogging After 885 Posts

I've been reading other blogs that are celebrating their blogging anniversaries. It's hard to believe I've been blogging since 2005. While mine isn't until November, I'd figured I'd take a moment to recognize where I've been. I'm coming up on my 4th year anniversary and while probably forget to mention it when it happens.

Geez does time fly! My life has done a complete turnaround since those dreary days living alone in that big old house. Bandit and I trying to make a new life for ourselves.

Somethings stay the same; for me getting up early hasn't changed. I still find morning blogging best for me. When I first started blogging I would write from the warm confines of my bed. I haven't done that in years.

Each place I have lived since I've eventually got into a routine with its own little blogging spot. Year 1, as I mentioned in my bed in the master bedroom of my old house.

Year 1's Blogging Locale (corner bedroom above the porch)

Year 2, after my divorce and selling of the house above my sister and brother-in-law took me in. Each morning you could find me at their dining room table with a cup of coffee from her individual cup maker and I'd be writing about my simple little life. I have good memories of living with them.

Year 3, I blogged from my new apartment. This was at the complex that had a catastrophic fire just as Chris and I found our new house. At that apartment, you could find me writing in the little side office. That was a great apartment despite not being very fireproof. The complex has survived three fires.

As viewed from my old apartment.

And now Year 4, I blog from my own dining room table. Though I have an office on the second floor with a much better laptop (Chris'). I still use this old clunker (with it's missing X key and flickering screen...one of these days I'll break down and get a new one). I connect with an old wireless card to the router upstairs.

The New Digs

So that about covers the last 3.5 years of blogging. To 3.5 new more...


Donnie said...

Well Rick, congrats on those 885 posts. I think I've finally gotten back into posting and reading blogs on my blogroll. My lighter summer work schedule lends itself to reading and posting comments on the many blogs on my blogroll.

May you have at least 885 more. :D

Ur-spo said...

I too wish to give warm congratulations not only for 885 but for the ongoing process.

Faux Pas blog said...

Nice house, Rick! Did you know that both you and Donnie were my first blogs to read here.

Rick said...

Thanks all!

Charles said...

Congrats on the 88r posts. I can actually have time to read posts and comment now also. Work is done for the year.

Steven said...

I started reading your blog after your divorce and I still had my blog with Blogger. It's hard to believe that this much time has already passed.

The exterior of your current digs looks like it has gone through an extreme home makeover since the first photo you posted when you were "on the fence" whether to buy it or not.

Here's to more blogging and life stories ahead!