Saturday, August 15, 2009

Out for a Walk and Then Some

Here's a smattering of pictures. We took Bandit for a walk through Salem and snapped these photos.

"Please Daddy...I wanna go for a walk!"

Making progress on the reconstruction of the
Old Salem Jail into luxury apartments and a restaurant

The Hawthorne Hotel

The exterior of the Custom House being painted

"Hubba hubba!" Bicyclist giving tourists a ride

The neighbor's house... well, mansion exquisitely
renovated and with all green technology

Our front porch

Back home playing fetch with Bandit

I had to throw this picture into the mix. This was taken later in the day from my cell phone at, of all places, BJ's Warehouse. The guy at the deli counter said they've yet to sell any. With a name like this who would buy it!


Lemuel said...

Thank you for the picture tour, Bandit! You took your humans on a very interesting walk.
I love your front porch. It seems so inviting and serene. Very nice.

Less Confused said...

Head Cheese is an old type of lunch meat that has a regional following. It's disgusting, but the older generation still loves it. It just not be very well known in your area.

I don't recommend even trying it.

Ur-spo said...

we have the same flip flops.