Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Hermit Island Camping Trip

Last weekend's camping trip to Hermit Island, Maine was a good one. We caught pockets of good weather despite the deluge that occurred Friday morning on our way up. By the time we arrived the rain had stopped yet had left some campers in a jam.

Later that night, as we walked around the camp grounds we spotted a herd of deer grazing in the woods. At first Chris thought it was a couple of Golden Retrievers: "Hey, I thought they didn't allow dogs on the island!" I tried taking pictures but the lighting was terrible. This is the best shot I could get.

Another brush with nature: Sitting around the camp fire after having had a nice warm cup of cocoa a skunk decide to stop by and pay a visit. Four gay guys frozen in terror muttering, "don't move and we'll be fine." Apparently Pepe LePew liked me best as he wandered underneath my chair and licked the rest of the cocoa from my mug. After that it was in the Vanagon for me. (Besides I think I need to change my pants.)

Saturday's weather was gorgeous. We took a long hike and enjoyed Maine's wonderful scenery.

While the campground had hot showers and flush toilets, there were a couple of spots with port-a-potties. This picture didn't come out the best, due to the lighting. I thought the sign was funny.

Camping in a Vanagon beats tent camping any day. Sleeping on the pull out bed was comfortable, warm and dry. If you look close, you can even see the creature comforts of a car vac to clean up any grit from getting in our traveling bedroom.

It was a great weekend with good friends. We're looking forward to doing it again.


A Lewis said...

I miss camping. Glad you enjoyed.

Ur-spo said...

that does all look lovely - and so 'Maine'

Will said...

Yes--camping in a vanagon or RV is THE way to go. Maine is such a special place--glad you had a good time!

tornwordo said...

Brave to go camping in this wet summer we are having. Looks like a lovely place though.

Lemuel said...

I loved the pics! Yes, a vanagon or camper is the way to go. Pity those folks in the tent in such rain!
I loved the story of the skunk. They are a very opportunistic creature and will invite themselves to any deep woods party. They generally will not spray until they are threatened or startled, but the other issue with skunks is that they can often be rabid. Best to be wise and hide in the vanagon.

Charles said...

Miss camping a little bit, but miss camping in the rain or the occassional skunk coming into the campsite. I've learned that as long as the skunk isn't threatened, you're generally okay.

Anonymous said...

Ugh camping...give me the Hilton any day.

C&D said...

Soooo glad you enjoyed it! It sure was a great way to see some beautiful countryside and to be one with nature. Could have used without the Skunk though hehe...thats too much nature for me