Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Starting September

Today is September 1st. Wow did that come up fast. Pretty soon I'll be 43! Ugh!

Last year at this time we were getting ready to go to Maine. And wouldn't you know, this year, we're making a similar trek.

This is my last week before vacation. In a few more days I'll be in Bar Harbor. I'm so looking forward to it. We'll be renting a cottage by the ocean. This time Bandit will be joining us as the cottage is pet friendly.

Speaking of Bandit, it's time for his biannual physical. Now that he's geriatric (though he doesn't act it) he needs to get checked out twice a year. I'll schedule that when we get back.

I finally returned my curtain rods and got new ones. (This time with the merchandise.) Now the curtains are up. They're very thick and heavy which will help with heating costs this winter.

On a random note, I lost out on an eBay auction, a vintage 1930s Mickey Mouse postcard. Bummer! Somebody outbid me for a $1. I hate when that happens.

Speaking of Mickey, we're also planning our Disney trip for November. Already booked reservations at the restaurants we want to eat at.

Well enough of my randomness. Just wanted to drop a quick note.


Lemuel said...

Bar Harbor. *sigh* Other friends of ours were just there, too.
Neil Diamond's September Morn has been playing in my head all morning.

Tom said...

43?? Wow! September brings with it my 54th birthday... ewwwww

Anonymous said...

Showing my age, "September Song" has been playing my head. Love Maine, enjoy!


Ur-spo said...

I envy your trip to disneyland
Ever go to awkward family photos on the web?
There is a choice photo dated 8/31 of a family at Disney land - what a shot !

Steven said...

I hope you guys have a fantabulous time in Bar Harbor! I had to chuckle when you stated that you already made reservations at the restaurants. :-D