Friday, October 16, 2009

The Barrage Post

I haven't written one of these in awhile. This post is just a barrage of stuff with really no rhyme or reason.

It's Friday. Yes! Yesterday was a great day: My project, that had been delayed for months, finally went into production. (Sigh of relief.) And no major issues! Woo hoo!

This weekend is supposed to be cold and rainy. Fine with me. I ordered a cord of wood and will have a nice bottle of wine and a fire in the fireplace. Maybe work on my book. I made some good progress on it during my vacation. I'll be so relieved when it's done. I keep saying I'm almost there, then I read and get additional ideas or want to rewrite more.

I'm currently reading "The Shack", about a man's re-acquaintance with God. It's not bad. I'm sure you've heard of it. It's been all over the place. New York Times Bestseller etc. Honestly, I like my "Art of Racing in the Rain" better.

My health insurance plan is changing in 2010 and not for the better. I currently have a miniscule co-pay then everything paid at 100%. Now it's going to be no co-pay but something like $1,000 deductible a year before they start paying anything and then they only pay 80% of the total bill. I can't believe it's changing so drastically...from one of the best plans to one of the worst. We're going from Blue Cross to Aetna which isn't the problem so much as the company contributions. I guess it's a sign of the times.

My retirement plan is also changing. This benefit at least for the better. The plan is now going to be managed by Fidelity. Fine by me. More funds to choose from and a much better self-service tool.

What else? OMG...I'm so late. It's 7:15 and I haven't even showered. That's okay. I can be a little late this morning seeing that I was up till almost ten o'clock sending out emails.

Work emails. I can't keep up. I get about 100 a day. There's no way you can effectively keep up with it. Certainly not at 40 hours a week. Ugh!

Well, I should get ready to get ready. Over and out...have a good weekend!



Michael Rivers said...

DAMN!! That is a HUGE change in insurance! Not good!

Cool you are working on a book. I have a few ideas in my head. Not sure which one I want to start. Need to have them swirl around for a bit yet.

Happy Friday!

A Lewis said...

Our insurance is changing too....a little for the good, a little for the worse. It is definitely a sign of the volatile times we live in. I'm just trying to be continually thankful that I even have it. Have a great weekened!

Ur-spo said...

I swoon thinking of 100 emails a day, let alone work related ones.
Medicine is kicknig and screaming not to have email. The notion of 100 emails to address and print on top an already busy day is mind-numbing.

tornwordo said...

Anything to keep those company shareholders happy. Somebody is making more money out of the deal but not the employees. Sounds to me like if you have to pay the first grand, you'll be paying all your medical bills from now on unless you get *really* sick.

Lemuel said...

We've had that $1K deductible for a few years - first from my employer and now from my wife's employer (she's now the medical carrier in my retirement). In addition the copays for Rx is outlandish and the out of pay costs to be insured takes near half of her pay. I recently did the math. If we did not need to be protect in the event of a medical catastrophe, it would be cheaper for us to pay the doctor, Rx, etc. out of pocket and forget the medical insurance.