Tuesday, October 27, 2009

From God to Bumpers

Last night I finished The Shack, the book I told you about - a guy in crisis being reacquainted with God. It was good, not on my top 10 but decent. Next I'm onto Willy Lamb's new one, The Hour I First Believed. I loved his other books so am anxious to read this one. It's about the Columbine tragedy which doesn't necessarily excite me but I'm hoping the characters drive over a depressing topic. I heard John Irving has a new book coming out. He's one of my more favorite authors. I've heard this new one is semi-autobiographical.

What else? Not too much has been going on that's new. Let's see. We refinanced the house to 5%. The lawyer was telling us with the economy and the room the banks have to play with, he could foresee rates going down to 3% - over the next couple of years. That is if the market doesn't get better.

Work has been busy. Enough said.

Bandit's the same crazy, geriatric dog still acting like he's a puppy. He loves his prescription food. But somehow saying, "Bandit it's Urinary SO time!", just doesn't sound right.

I've been back to see the chiropractor. My neck has been bothering me for awhile. He x-rayed my neck and apparently it's curved the wrong way. He said it could be from the trauma of the accident (back in June of 2005) or age. There's a bit of arthritis in spots. So I've been seeing him a couple of times a week. I feel better when I leave.

The weather has been decent the past couple of days. Last Saturday was a wash out but I already told you about that (gas grill cooking).

Oh I finally got the scratch on my bumper fixed. Back at the old apartment, I woke up one morning to find someone had swiped the passenger side back bumper leaving about a five inch scrape. I had been meaning to get it fixed but never got around to it. Finally last Friday I had the detail company come get it at my office. They kept it overnight (had to get a ride home from a co-worker), repaired the bumper and gave me a complete detail. Now it looks brand new again.

Oh well. That's about it. Over and out...


A Lewis said...

We've been trying to refinance...but we're in a condo so the rules are a little different....unfortunately. I've thought of everything I can.

Ur-spo said...

i have never been to a chiropractor; I am curious to know how good they are.

tornwordo said...

Ooh a new John Irving book. I'll be keeping my eye out now.

madtexter said...

Wally Lamb is incredible. To this day, I still can't believe he wrote "She's Come Undone". He knew things about women that I don't think women even know! The girl in that book was a real hotmess!

Summer said...

I've read Lamb's other books and loved them but this one I'm having trouble with this one. Good luck