Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Time is Here

There's Bandit fast asleep. He couldn't keep his eyes open whilst we decorated for Christmas. He loved wearing that silly hat and cuddled right up with his snowman baby.

Well, I finally broke down and got an artificial tree. You recall my fake vs. real conundrum. On Saturday, I bought a nine footer at Home Depot. It came pre-lit with 1,000 lights and assembled rather easily. The pluses for going artificial are obvious: no more continually watering and no more finding needles well into the spring. But for me I wanted to put the tree in the great room window, above the garage, but being that there's a heating vent right there a real one would dry out in a day.

And could it be I'm saving a tree? I don't know; that might be a stretch. The Arbor Day Foundation will probably revoke my membership. Then again I did plant the ten free trees they sent me.

Decorating is done. Cards are out in the mail. Did you get mine? I nearly killed myself sending them. Literally...I tripped over the curb going to the mailbox - fell flat on my face. Dry cleaning in one hand, cards in the other. Then again maybe yours was the one that blew away.

As for shopping, 99% complete. I found out Chris went over his allotment on me (joy!).

And have I mentioned I'm on vacation starting next week? I'm off for two whole weeks! Phyllis is flying in mid-week. It'll be good to spend some time with her. I'm also meeting up with my friend Celia for lunch on Tuesday. Other than that, no plans. And I like it!


Lemuel said...

Your tree is quite beautiful. I do not think the Arbor Day folks will be upset because you are actually saving real trees.

However, the charmer of your post is Bandit. How cute is he!

Peter said...

What you did to Bandit, Julius would never allow, he doesn't like to be dressed up.

Hope you have a great Xmas time.

A Lewis said...

Mason won't allow anything on him. Nothing. He changes into a totally different personality. He just stands there, staring, and won't move or do a thing. I'll keep an eye out for my card.

Michael Rivers said...

What a CUTE photo of Bandit!! I have an artificial tree and I love it! So easy to deal with.

Ur-spo said...

you are a better man than I - all done with preparations and shopping. I need to do something tomorrow night or else !

tornwordo said...

How long til you recoup the cost of buying the tree? That's the part I like now, not having to buy a new one each year. Looks lovely!

Dean Grey said...

So that's why I never got a Christmas card from you, Rick!

Stupid winter wind! (^_^)