Thursday, December 03, 2009

First December Post

It's December. I picked up my holiday stamps yesterday but have yet to pick out my Christmas cards. I love sending and receiving Christmas/Holiday cards. This weekend I'll got out and get some. We were going to do a picture one (Chris, Bandit and me) but I don't know if we'll have time to.

I'm seriously considering an artificial tree this year. I have never had one in my entire adult life. I want a 9-footer. The real tree we got last year was too short and didn't really last long (leaves all over the place within days). This weekend, along with picking out cards, I'll do some tree investigation. The big ones can be expensive. Though I spotted one at BJ's for $279. Considering you can pay up to $50-75 for a real one, it'll pay for itself in a few years.

Also this week, we're signing our wills. We've had some unfortunate deaths (friends and family) this year which has prompted us to do this unpleasant task. It's all written up now we're just meeting to sign.

Well, gotta jump in the shower.

Over and out...


P.S. Bandit says hello!


Anonymous said...

Please don't consider a 'fake' tree. There is nothing like a the real smell and ambience of a real Christmas Tree. Yes, they shed their needles here and there, but it's a small price to pay for the natural feeling of a real tree. Don't give up. Get the real tree!

Lemuel said...

I yearn for a real tree, but I realize the pluses for an artificial one. In addition to the cost we needed to consider allergies and "critters" (spiders, etc.). I would urge real tree users to consider "potted" trees rather than "cut" trees. The potted trees can be replanted and continue to grow.

tornwordo said...

Parallel lives. I picked up an artificial tree and we've got an appointment for the wills.

I didn't want to do the artificial tree but I'm happy about it now, no watering, no browning, probably more environmentally beneficial. (Until the day it goes in the garbage of course.)

Will said...

Good for you two doing the wills. It may not be the most upbeat topic in the world but it is absolutely vital, especially to the disenfranchised such as we.