Thursday, December 24, 2009

Snippets on Christmas Eve 2009

I've got nearly all my Christmas presents wrapped except for Bandit's. We've been picking up little things for him here and there. Come to find out he's got the most presents out of anyone! Spoiled brat.

Picked up Phyllis yesterday at the airport. Her dad made me a wonderful lasagna! It was delicious! We heated it up for dinner last night. Yum!

Tonight we're going to my sister and brother-in-laws. It's always fun to see them.

I'm on another tear: This time a web marketing business. I'm all excited about it. And have been spending most of my free time (on vacation) planning and learning.

Been working out. It feels so good when I'm done. I hate it when I'm there, except for the eye candy.

It's the end of the zeroes. (On the radio the other day I finally heard some call it such.) What has these past nine years seen? We've gone from a Wall Street "slow down" and then 9/11 followed by war; to a real estate boom followed by the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression.

How do you think the zeroes will be remembered?


Peter said...

The zeroes will be remembered as a time of great ups and massive downs. But don't dispare... 2010 has two zeroes too... You have to make the best of it yourselfs.

Rick & Bandit, wishing you a Bright and Colorful Season.

Greetz from Amsterdam!

Anonymous said...

Ups and downs for the world for sure. An eye opening time for global awareness! Personally, my zeros were very prosperous. A wonderful time of personal growth and financial gain.

Lemuel said...

Bandit's worth it! :) (Ask him.)

I'd rather just forget the Zero's, but those who forget are doomed to repeat. No thank you!