Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Heat is On and a Other Non Sequiturs

Heat's cranked up to 72 degrees. What do you keep your thermostat at?

While home, I used to keep the house at a high of 68 but lately that's been too cold. Now it's normally cranked to 70 - 72 degrees. I'll let you know the results when I get next months bill ($$$$). When I'm sleeping or away at work I turn it down to around 63 which is comfortable at night. I like to be cool when I sleep - nothing worse than waking up in a pile of sweat.

New England temperatures these past couple of days have been ferocious. Yesterday's high was about 15 degrees and with the wind whipping it felt well below zero. I have no sympathy for those of you in Phoenix where 70 is frigid, Portland where 50 is about the coldest it ever gets or even North Carolina where snow is about as common as a gay republican. I know it happens but not often.

And here I sit with evening plans to go up to New Hampshire, where it's even colder. Go figure.

Bandit woke me up early; he has no sense of weekends. I'm contemplating another cup of coffee and then moving on to check my Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, I've recently stumbled across a bunch of old pictures in my basement. I've been scanning them and posting them on FB. My old neighborhood friends have been flocking to them like crazy. It's fun to reminisce. Here I am introducing B.F. Skinner at Salem State's Darwin Festival in 1988. I was the president of Psi-Chi, the honor society in Psychology and had worked with Dr. Margaret Vaughan (a professor of mine who had written a book with Skinner) to get him to appear at that year's festival.

Rick Bettencourt Introducing B.F. Skinner (Salem State College 1988)

Back then I had aspirations of becoming a psychologist, getting my Ph.D. and either teaching or counseling. That changed after graduating -- a post for another day.

Back to the mundane...

Oh, reminder to self: I've got to get Brita filters. Told you this would be mundane. I have plum run out. What's exciting about this though is that I have a coupon from BJ's for $7 off! Also I have a regular manufacturer's coupon for $1 off. I'm pretty sure BJ's lets you use manufacturer coupons in combination with their own. As you can tell, I'm all fired up about the savings opportunity. BJ's sells Brita filter replacements, 10 in a pack, for ~$28.79. Whereas Target or Wal-Mart cost $14.99 for only 4. That alone is almost a $1 saving per filter.

Okay. I'll shut up. I know way too much about this stuff.

So here's the latest in the quest for a new television: (You can read here about my analysis from a couple days ago if you missed it.) We're now thinking of putting off the 65" flat screen. Again. And instead going on vacation. Where? I don't know. Picking and booking trips are not my forte. I leave all that to Chris. He loves wheeling and dealing on the Internet trying to find the best packages and flights. I'd rather have another glass of wine. Last night at 8 o'clock we were going to the Dominican Republic but by 9 that changed to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Last week, as you may recall, it was Las Vegas. Regardless, it looks as if "having" Wesley Eure in my living room is off for the foreseeable future.

"Sorry Rick...we'll have to meet up in another land and time."

I finished out the week feeling like I accomplished a fair amount of stuff -- closed out a couple decent sized tasks and made good headway on my projects. Remember the pitch I was concerned about? Never happened. The whole discussion was trumped by a crisis.

What else do I have to get today ? Oh! A file cabinet! (It appears as if this post is more for me than it is you. It's helping me to remember.) I have a coupon. Can you imagine? Me with a coupon? It's for 15% off any single item at Staples and it expires today. I've been delaying getting a file cabinet to organize my files but really need to just break down and get one. It always seems as if someone is going to give me one they don't need and that just never happens. We'll have to take the CRV for it won't fit in the Volvo.

Oh! Speaking of the Volvo...big news on the clunking noise. I think I've figured out the problem. (Phyllis stop shaking your head.) After driving to work one day hearing the rattle and letting it get the best of me, I got into the office, did a Google search (I was early...on my own time) and within 30 seconds found a website that talked about engine mounts and motor straps. I called the Volvo place. They're sicking of hearing from me. We're on a first name basis. Within a minute I had an appointment to drive with the shop foreman to detect the noise. At lunch I swung by to meet him (again). I'm dropping it off for the day on Monday to give them one final opportunity to fix it. Otherwise, I told them, my business is going elsewhere. I followed it up with a "setting expectations" email when I got home. No one likes getting those type of emails from me.

Alright, I think that's enough. I think I've bored you plenty. Until we read again!


Anonymous said...

I keep the heat on 68. There's a throw blanket everywhere you sit in my house. Last night I admit, I had to turn it up a degree. The whole front of my home is glass, so in the morning when the sun comes up I pretty much get free heat for half the day.

I had been forgetting to get a new filter for my electric furnace for probably close to a year. Yes, I know I'm supposed to replace it every 90 days. Finally yesterday the second it crossed my mind I got in the car and drove to the store and bought one. Whew...finally 90 more days to work on getting another one.

A Lewis said...

68-70 during the daytime when we are home. 60 at night (and it never comes on). I hate to be warm at night. We are very fortunate to live in a brand new condo that is well insulated and equipped with all of the latest energy saving products. Even a round or two of the furnace will heat us up quite nicely.

Anonymous said...

You guys should go to the Boston Globe Travel show Feb 20/21. You will get a lot of ideas and prices on places to go. If you print your tickets in advance use the promo code Globe10.

Anonymous said...

I remember when Skinner came for the Darwin festival.....that was a big deal on campus then

Anonymous said...

90% of the time we heat with a heat pump, the rest with furnace. I am old and like the temp at least 73. At night we lower to 68.

Lemuel said...

In winter we put the thermostat at 68 during the day on weekdays. Early morning, evenings, and weekends we keep it at 70. I agree I do not sleep well when I am too warm. In summer with the A/C the 68 become 74 and the 70 become 72.

Rick said...

In the summer I crank the A/C to 60! I don't like the heat.

Ur-spo said...

we have yet to turn on the heat this season.
it got a bit cold at times but we are being cheap.
By now the coolness of the house feels OK

Rick said...

Ur-spo -- I was thinking of you when I wrote this post. Arrgh!