Sunday, January 24, 2010

The High Cost of Eating Well

Yesterday we went grocery shopping. How much, on average, do you spend grocery shopping?

We spend about $500-600 a month! Do you think that's a lot?

We eat well; hence the 10 lbs of added girth to my waist size. We don't go out much, at least not like I used to in a prior life where I would probably spend about $500 just in dining out. We spend probably about another $100 a month in dining out: We go to our favorite pub(s) a couple times a month.

While our grocery budget may seem high, keep in mind that we don't buy food at work. We take breakfast and lunches in everyday. I used to easily spend $8-10 a day now we buy cold cuts every week and make sandwiches. I bring yogurt and a cereal bar or cottage cheese and fruit for breakfast. Buying food on the run can can quickly blow your budget and add upwards of $200 a month a person to your food expenses. Ouch!

Food is just so expensive and to eat healthy costs money!

God, after rereading this post it sounds like a public service announcement. How dull. Well if you got this far into the post then congratulations on being thoroughly bored.

On a side note, watched Julie and Julia last night. Fell asleep half way through. Meryl Strep did a fantastic job at being Julia but I found the other girl boring.


Peter said...

I agree, good food is more costly but you get something in return too. I don't mean the 10 lbs, that's something you can loose as soon as the weather gets better and you ride your bike to work.

I spend about 300 euros = $450 for one person, but most food prices are higher in Europe.

A Lewis said...

I don't think that $600 a month for two people is much at all....probably about right. Our grocery budget is skewed because of our nearly constant pull to eat our neighborhood. We love eating out. But we enjoy eating at home too.

Anonymous said...

If the $ amount you posted includes everything including wine...then you are not doing bad at all for a family of 2. The 2 of us spend at least that and we eat out no less than once a week. I use grocery shopping as an excuse to spend money. Who would fault someone for buying food? If I buy too many clothes or shoes I'd be frowned upon for spending too often. So, off to the market with debit card in hand.

Rick said...

Peter/A Lewis - Now I don't feel so bad. I guess cutting those coupons helps.

Anonymous - no definitely does not include the wine. In Massachusetts you can't buy wine at the grocery store. That would add another $75-100 month.

Lemuel said...

We spend about $600/mo on food for two people and we do not eat a lot or extravagantly (despite what my girth would suggest). We rarely eat out (< 1/mo) and when I was working we always brown bagged. Now that I'm home and my wife works close by, she comes home for lunch - which is usually a bowl of soup and sliced apples.
Food is expensive (compared to what it was for us - but cheaper than other parts of the world). Last week there was little in my cart and I was shocked at the cost.
We buy most of our produce and meat at a local farmer's market. We have done the comparisons and for us the prices are far less than at the local grocery stores - and the quality is much better.

Anonymous said...

For the two of us we spend at least $600 a month and we eat out at least once a week. Like you, we buy "good" food which is a bit more expensive. But, promotes better health.


Ur-spo said...

actually, Americans spend a very small fraction of their income on food compared to Europeans. Americans tend to want to buy the cheapest stuff, while Europeans want to spend more money for more quality.
We are always in a dilemma of wanting to eat right, buy organic etc. vs. saving money.

Rick said...

You're right the better quality (Whole Foods etc.) is much more expensive.