Saturday, January 23, 2010

Old TV / New TV

"Conjunction, junction what's your function? Hooking up words and phrases and clauses."
I heard this ditty on the radio the other day. It brought back a flood of memories: sitting in front of my parent's large console television set - this huge white piece of furniture my parents bought at Levitz - watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Saturday mornings were a kid's dream. I'd get up early to make sure I didn't miss my favorites: Banana Splits, Davey & Goliath, Land of the Lost. I had such a crush on Will -- Wesley Eure what a little hunk.

Today while I got up early, I didn't turn on the television; I went on the Internet. My TV is not worth watching. So to get to my point, we're finally thinking of breaking down and getting a new TV.

The TV I currently have is from 1996. I bought it from this sweetheart of a lesbian at Sears. It's a Panasonic and while it has worked out well, still running perfect, I want a flat screen.

I haven't come to this decision lightly.

For the past couple of months I've been researching the technology and am still confused. For one, I'm not sure whether to get an LCD, plasma or LED. I've read the pros and cons of them all. Apparently the LED is superior but is more expensive and, as far as I know, doesn't come in anything larger than a 55". We're thinking of a 60 or 65". The Great Room is sized perfectly for it. I've read all about the distance you should be seated in proportion to the size. We'll probably wind up with an LCD for I've heard about problems with plasmas and am not willing to take out a second mortgage for an LED. Then again the prices of plasmas have come down. So who knows. As you can see I'm still undecided.

The other concern I have is dealing with the furniture. While I've always been one to like the television hidden, for a 60+ inch I'll need to let go of that requirement. So what to do with this huge cabinet that currently houses the 26" Panasonic bubble? The cabinet weighs a ton. Moving it will require a couple of strong men (actually if they're cute this might be fun to watch) to relocate it.

Also there's the sound system and DVD. Mine are crap! So along with a new television, console to put it on (or hang it...again haven't decided), we'll need a new sound system and Blu-ray DVD.

This isn't going to be cheap.

Then there's the cable television service. I'll need to upgrade for HDTV compatibility. While I think I might have the basics for it from updating my contract with Comcast, there may be additional fees to incur for better service.

So my options are I could continue to squint at my bubble 26" Panasonic whilst sitting 12 feet away and continue to not be able to see the direction in which the football is going or I could go to a big box store and get a new TV. (Talk about conjunctions!) Then again wouldn't it be fun to watch an old Land of the Lost DVD on my huge HDTV and see Wesley Eure come to life in my Great Room?

Anyway, we're still a couple months away before we get one so let me know what you think.


Lemuel said...

We replaced an old CRT with an LCD (1080p only 42" - our room is not that big) in early fall and a couple of months later upgraded our signal (satellite) to HD. I'm thrilled with it and I am glad we did it although I clutched at the cost at the time (even with some sweet deals). Now I am plotting and scheming to replace the TV in the bedroom and the TV in the basement.

Rick said...

Lemuel -- glad you're enjoying.

That's the other thing...replacing the other tv's. Just one step at a time.

Peter said...

Rick, if you choose one go for LCD, they are the most cost effective. They don't use far less electricity than plasma and are way ahead then LED. In 10 years time LED will be the standard and by that time the prices for those types of TV have gone down too.

Rick said...

Thanks Peter...I'll probably being going with LCD.

Ur-spo said...

As a non-TV watcher I haven't any advice

on the other hand, the Land of Lost photo gave me a chuckle. Oh what memories - Sleestak rule !

Rick said...

I'm with ya...not much of a tv guy here myself hence my hesitation to spend the bucks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you buy the TV, DVR, New Laptop and anything else you can think of all at once and apply for the store credit card....saving 10% might save you a pretty penny.... of course after you replace everything, what will you have to write about? Bandit, I hope.

Rick said...

Anonymous -- not a bad idea. But you're right what would be left to complain about in my writing?

derek said...

Will, my first heartthrob!