Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rehearsing the Pitch

Today I have to present a statistical analysis my boss did. Why me? Because it was on my project. He wants me to get the experience with these statistical tools - which I'm working on - but admittedly is not my strong suit. Thankfully he'll be there to help with questions. He could pitch the entire thing, and do a much better job, but he wants me to take the responsibility and, as I said, gain the experience with it. Needless to say I'll be spending sometime this morning rehearsing.


Peter said...

Just be yourself, that always helps.

Of course you know what you are talking about, it was your project anyway.

Sean said...

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

New things are always a little nerve racking. You'll do a fine job!

Lemuel said...

Are you more concerned about making the presentation in front of people or about your unfamiliarity with the statistical tools?

You know what they saw about visualizing your audience during a presentation. ;) Although my usual reaction to that is "ewww!" :-D

I hope the gig went well!