Monday, January 18, 2010

Snowing on My Day Off

It's snowing like crazy out there. I have the day off so at least I don't need to go anywhere. Though I did want to get to the gym. The storm is supposed to taper off this afternoon. Then it's time to clean up. All said and done where getting around 6 inches of a heavy wet mess. It's times like these that I envy those of you that live in less dramatic winter locales.

So as I said no big plans for the day. There are a couple of things I want to read and get done but other than that...nothing! And that's the way I like. Bandit and I are just hanging out. (Chris has to work.) Bandit's all curled up on his favorite chair, in front of one of the heating ducts and I'm at the dining room table typing away.

I've been having wireless Internet angst again. I got a new work laptop and it won't connect up to my home wireless. So there's another excuse for not working this weekend.

I still need to replace this old hunk of junk laptop. I've literally been talking about it for years but I don't want to shell out the bucks just yet. Besides I want to wait till Office 2010 rolls out but now I'm hearing the release is not till June. Not sure I can hold off. I still have Office 2000, with a beta release of 2010. I used to be (well technically still am) a certified expert in Microsoft Office. In a prior life I would teach it and consult around various aspects, mainly large conversion projects. I'm a few releases behind and want to catch up -- not that I'm thinking of consulting again just like to be knowledgeable.

I could always buy a laptop before Microsoft's release and then when Office comes out just buy that separately. Might be better than paying for it all preloaded anyway. I'll put that on my list of someday/maybe list. Prices of laptops have really come down but Office is very expensive. The full professional version is around four hundred bucks.

Well I hear the neighbor plowing. Looks like it's converting to rain. Ugh, this is going to be a mess!


Peter said...

I've talked for months about making a back-up to an external hard-drive from my laptop. Planned it for today, but... yesterday the hard drive crashed.

That's life!

Anyway, I hope you have a great day indoors with Bandit, who needs his ball BTW! *wink*

Michael Rivers said...

Keep the storm in your area! We've had enough here in Minneapolis! :-)

A Lewis said...

I did the gym yesterday so will probably take today off....except that I need to get to a yoga class so I may do only that.

We'll be in the 40s again here...typical Portland winter day.

And, you've talked WAY TOO MUCH about Microsoft/Office/PCs. I'd never go back after our purchase of brand new MacBook Pros last October. Nope. Never. Go. Back.

Anonymous said...

If your just typing word docs, Google docs is free and you can store it online. It might help you limp along until you finally do break down and let the moths out.

Anonymous said...

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Lemuel said...

That storm was all rain down here. I was grateful for that, altho they are calling for an ice storm later this week.

I had trouble getting my son's Vista PC to see my network. I finally got him on the 'Net via my (XP) network, but not much else.