Sunday, February 14, 2010

An Electric Update

Happy Valentine's Day! We're going into Boston today. For Christmas, we got gift certificates from Chris' brother for a night stay in a posh hotel in downtown and from his sister a dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. It's going to fun expect for the fact that I'm sick. I've had this sinus thing since Friday. It's more annoying than anything. Regardless I'm not going to let it ruin the day.

I've been doing well on my diet. It's been two weeks and so far I've lost a little over five pounds. Today's my free day. I've been up for less than an hour and I already scoffed down a Pop Tart. I usually do Saturdays as my free day but since we're going out tonight I changed it up. No holds barred today!

Saw the tax man yesterday. We did okay - at least we don't have to pay. It's amazing how much you spend on mortgage interest the first couple of years of owning a home. Oy! Also we put in storm doors last year and little did we know we could deduct 30%. I was pleasantly surprised about that.

Alright, a couple weeks ago I asked you all about grocery expenses. We figured $400-500 a month for two people was not all that exorbitant. This time I want to know about electricity costs. In my old home, the city owned the electricity so it was mega-cheap. Here, I think it's outrageous but I don't have anything to compare it to. My electric bill runs about $100-150 a month. In the summer it's obviously higher because of the air conditioning. Then it can run upwards of $200. In contrast to my older home which, only slightly smaller than this one, ran me at the most $40 a month. What are your electricity expenses?


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day. Have fun in Boston.

I have electric heat and central air, and a small town electric company. I usually have 2 TVs and 3 computers running all day. My winter bills are around $110 and summer is about $80 a month. I know people not far away on larger electric companies that pay around $300 a month without electric heat.

tornwordo said...

Ours is a couple hundred a month in the winter and half that in the summer. But we have no gas bill.

Lemuel said...

All of our utilities are electric (except for phone/tv). We are on a "budget plan" and we are currently paying 161/mo year round. However, in PA, regulation of the utilities has ended and we've been "promised" a minimum of a 30% increase! That's how deregulation and competition [do not] work!

Anonymous said...

We have our bill averaged and it is $122.00 winter and summer of course. We use a heat pump as much as possible but the winter months a furnace. We're in Oklahoma supposedly a southern state. We have mostly 3 tv running as well as 2 computers. W'ere retired and home all day. Stove is electric.