Tuesday, February 02, 2010

How to Look Good in Swim Trunks in 30 Days

Yesterday, I started a new diet. It's an eating healthier with less white carbohydrates diet. I made it up based on some reading. The difference between this and say the Atkins diet is that you can eat healthy carbs, like vegetables, just no starch.

Breakfast may consist of egg whites, some vegetables and black beans; lunch a chicken breast, spinach and lentils and dinner pork chops, asparagus and pinto beans. Lots of legumes. Like a lot of diets you're supposed to eat several small meals a day, 4 - 6. I just have a hard time fitting that into my schedule so I'm doing 3 for now. We'll see that how goes.

On the vacation front, we are going to Puerto Vallarta in April. This warrants a bit of motivation for my diet: I want to look good in my bikini. We're staying in a very nice resort with all the meals and alcohol included. We'll be spending most of the time on the beach or by the pool. We bought one excursion to see the old town but other than that just a lot of rest and relaxation. We can always decide to add other packages (zip lining, swimming with the dolphins etc.) when we get there. I'm excited about it. Though, as you know, this means no flat screen television this year.


Anonymous said...

All best to you in your 30-day challenge. Last year, I tried something new and became a vegetarian for exactly 3 months. I felt a lot better and the jiggle subsided a bit, but at one point I just couldn't eat only veggies and tofu anymore. But I still eat the veggie 'chiken' patties. Deelish.

A Lewis said...

Are you GUARANTEEING me..in writing... that both you and I will look like this picture in 30 days??

Rick said...

Oh I should have been more clear. This is my before picture. : )

I wish!

Peter said...

Rick, the most important part is that you feel happy with who you are not what you look like.

If that is a before picture I wonder what an after picter will look like... [harder?!] *wink*

Ur-spo said...

I am gravely disappointed in myself I did not succeed in getting as good as this fellow.
I have one week left to starve myself down
wish me luck.

tornwordo said...

Love PVA! Of course I wouldn't stay anywhere but the zona romantica but that's just me. Also, there are some really really good restaurants there, you might want to get out one evening to try one. Good luck on the diet, I'm in need of one too.