Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Been a Long Week

Time and Place: Monday 4 p.m., office conference room

"So Rick what's your schedule like tomorrow? Can you meet with us to discuss next steps?"

"Let me see," I said searching for my calendar scattered somewhere amongst the piles of paperwork we had reviewed in our 4 hour session. It was then that I asked the stupidest question perhaps of all time: "So what's tomorrow Friday?"

Silence. Stares.

I look up, eyes over the rim of my glasses.

"Rick, today's Monday."

This has been the longest week of my life. However now that it's finally Thursday, I'm feeling a bit more celebratory.


Lemuel said...

I've had those weeks!

Michael Rivers said...

I've had a lot of these lately. I always feel like it's 2-3 days later in the week than it is. I'm blaming this long winter!

Rick said...

And today felt like Friday...ugh!

wcs said...

Monday-Friday. When you write it like that, it just stands to reason... ;)

Anonymous said...

I had an extremely busy week.