Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A New Car and a New Laptop

Yesterday it snowed. We were supposed to get around two inches. We got more like eight! This is in stark contrast to last week's piddled out storm where we were supposed to get a foot and got barely a dusting. Oh well, it's's New England. What can you expect?

Due to the storm, they closed the office at four but I was in an important meeting and didn't get out till around six. Better off...less traffic at that point.

I didn't have my car. The Volvo place lent me a 2009 S80 (because they want me to buy a new one) because they're trying one more time to fix my clunking front-end. Expect for not having a snow brush, the new Volvo did great in the snow. It took a little adjusting to all the new contraptions. For instance, there is no key. You put this fob-like thing in a hole and then press a button on the dash. Once I figured that out most of the other settings were just like my 2003, just a little fancier. I know they're trying to lure me into a new car. Every other time I've had a rental from them I get an Enterprise Kia Spectra or Nissan Versa. This time, because the owner is involved, I've got a new Volvo. Oh well...I'm still keeping my old car.

Speaking of keeping old things (or not), at BJ's I found a laptop that I'm seriously considering. Recall my frustration over this dinosaur that I've had forever with it's broken keyboard (x button), flicking screen and unreliable wireless card? I think it's time to buy a new one. But then again I've been complaining about this one for over three years; what will I do?

Well, I suppose I should get off my duff and go shovel so I can get out of here.


Michael Rivers said...

I hope we're done getting snow!! Ugh. It's been such a long winter. Of course, we have all of March to get through yet. And that can be the worst month in the midwest. Let's hope not!

Ur-spo said...

Between Arizona and Florida I am spoiled - I haven't seen snow all winter. I forget what it is like.
I am sure you are tired of it, but I would like some.