Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Throwing Up Frisbees on a Marble Floor

Mid-week here with just a quick update...

Today is a free jeans day. We're getting a Nor'easter that's going to dump between 8 to 12 inches of wet sloppy stuff on us. Yuck! Where's spring? Anyway, when bad weather is predicted like this my company often allows us to dress down. I always get so excited about not needing to pick out a pressed shirt and slacks. I don't know why because it's often more difficult to pick out what to wear on a jeans day than it is a regular day.

So yeah, 8 to 12 inches of snow and they're saying it's going to the be the worst around rush hour which means my 10 minute commute can turn into an hour - and Chris' 1 hour commute into 3. I don't envy him. His drive is mainly highway, obviously plowed and sanded, but the amount of cars make my back road commute nothing.

Bandit threw up a Frisbee. Uncle Jeff bought him one over the weekend. After playing with it for about 10 minutes, Bandit then tore it apart eating about half of it. I didn't realize he was doing it till too late. Yesterday I came home to Frisbee particles puke up all over the marble floor.

Speaking of marble floors, does anybody know the best way clean and polish marble? We have marble floors in the kitchen and bathrooms and they're so hard to keep clean. We use ammonia and warm water to clean them and that works okay but they're very dull and need a good shine. Why the builder put marble in the kitchen I'll never know.


Lemuel said...

Stay safe this morning. It is still snowing here. It is to last all day. We are lucky enough to be able just to hunker down at home.

I hope Bandit is okay.

As for marble, maybe my cheap vinyl is not so bad after all.

tornwordo said...

Frisbee puke, nice image. I hope you get home easily today.

Michael Rivers said...

We got a lot of snow over the last few days here in Minneapolis. It finally ended yesterday. I'm SO ready for spring too!! I hope you don't get too much snow.

Online Degrees said...
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Anonymous said...

My dog Max's puppy teeth are so sharp he chews through dog toys specifically designed for chewing. I too found plastic bits of plastic, but in the poo. Ewww!

Now, he and his siblings get rope and tennis ball toys to play with. So far, those are still in tack.

Marble for the kitchen floor? That's sounds a bit dangerous if it got wet.

Sean said...

Marble is very delicate and it does require maintenance to look its best. Here are some basic care tips for cleaning marble.

Marble is a very soft stone and it is much softer than granite. It is also highly porous, so it is very easily etched by acids. (vinegar, tomato juice, orange juice, etc) It's also prone to develop water stains or spots, such as marks left by drinking glasses, or water spots after mopping.

Clean your marble stone surface with a soft cloth or mop using pH neutral cleaning solution. Always wipe off any spills immediately as they happen. Never, ever clean this floor with vinegar, as you will destroy the finish. For stains, always seek professional help. Marble specific cleaning products are available for removing stains.

Sean said...

What kind of fresbee was it? Plastic or cloth? I hope he's better now.

Anonymous said...

Drive safe! The best way to clean the floor is to have uncle Jeff clean up the Frisbee. :)

Rick said...

We got no snow! There's barely a dusting out there at 7pm...which is fine with me!

Thanks for advice on marble floor cleaning.

The frisbee was a soft plastic. He had a small frisbee made of hard plastic that he loved but we lost it when we moved. I haven't been able to find a replacement.