Sunday, February 07, 2010

Clunking Noises, Whoppie Pies, No Heat and Tulips

As we wind down the week or,depending on how you look at it, start the beginning of the week, I thought I'd provide a little update:

In case you're wondering, last week the Volvo dealership tried fixing my car. They had it for two days. (I had to get a ride to work from my neighbor to get to work.) Unfortunately, the noise is still occurring. They weren't entirely confident they had found it telling me the next step was to replace the front struts. I don't know how much that costs but seeing that it's still doing it I will inquire this week. They assure me it's nothing serious. Though I'm not entirely convinced seeing that every time I go they think it's something different. Hey, at least I don't have a Camry! Then again maybe I'd be better off.

My diet is going well. Yesterday was my free day. Did I mention that one day a week you can eat whatever you want? For breakfast I had a big omelet with ham, onions and peppers, with a side of home fries, sausage and toast. For lunch, I had a whoopie pie. Do you all know what those are? They don't sell them in certain parts of the country. I hadn't had one in years and since I was good all week I treated myself. For dinner Chris made a delicious baked ziti dish, very fattening with ricotta cheese (though part-skimmed), hamburg and freshly grated Pecorino Romano cheese. Scrumptious! Today it's back to eating healthy, a variation on beans (legumes), protein and vegetables for every meal.

On another note the first floor furnace broke down on Friday. Luckily I was home when it happened. I woke up Friday morning the downstairs thermostat was at 64 which is exactly what I set it at before going to bed. I turned it up to 70, as I normally do. I did my morning chores and routines. It was getting late so I decided to log into the office to get a jump on things. As I was trudging through emails I noticed it was chilly. I looked at the thermostat it was only 66. I listened for the furnace, nothing.

I spent the morning working from home, on several conference calls whilst my buddy from New Hampshire tried to fix it. He got it running but he wasn't confident he fixed it. (Apparently not my week for getting to the root cause.) Yet by two o'clock with it seeming to run continuous I drove into work.

I came home around 7pm and the heat was still registering where I left it. "Great!" I thought until once again I turned it up to 70 and it never went on. I tossed about a few expletives and finally called in the big guns -- the HVAC guy that did my air conditioner last summer. Within 15 minutes he was here and within another 15 minutes he had it working beautifully. Apparently some rod that connects to some electrical "thing" (beyond my grade and pay scale) was covered in soot and rust-like material. He cleaned it off with some sandpaper and it's been fine ever since. The best part is that because they want our business, he didn't even charge me!

Clunky segue into yesterday's shopping...

With my new diet and all, we started shopping at Trader Joes. I love it there! They have wonderful selections and excellent quality. And they're prices are quite reasonable. One particular item we love (not on my diet though) is the Vegetable Bird's Nest -- it's a tempura-style side dish found in their freezer section. We got them last week. Unfortunately they were out yesterday.

I also love their flowers. We buy two bunches of tulips every time we go. I love having fresh flowers in the hallway. They remind me that spring is only 6 weeks away.


Peter said...

Why leave those tulips in the hallway when you're most of the time in the living room? There you can enjoy them even better and longer.

Sean said...

Do you ever have a problem with the tulips drooping? Putting two pennies in the water is like feeding them viagra.

Lemuel said...

Woopie Pies? O yeah!

Rick said...

Peter -- maybe I'll just pick up more next time to have all over the house.

Sean -- didn't know that did the trick. I'll give it a shot.

Lemuel -- don't you just love 'em!

Ur-spo said...

Continual fresh flowers is a very good thing.
Please keep this going.

madtexter ☺☺☺☺☺☺ (corey james) said...

You had me at 'whoopie pie'. My mom (the original church lady) used to make those all the time when we were kids. And the fresh home should be without them!

AND that heating fixer-upper...He was brilliant to not charge you to fix your heating unit. It's refreshing to know there are still companies out there who know the value of great customer service.