Friday, March 12, 2010

Are You Game?

I find people's fascination with computer games a bit odd. I try to partake but I guess I just don't have an appreciation for them.

I've been on Facebook for about a year now. At first I was into YoVille, the virtual-world game, but have since lost interest. I've collected over $25,000 that I can't even buy a house with because I don't have enough people working for me and have a ton of gifts people keep plopping my way -- more cactus plants than one can shake a stick at. Every once in awhile my little avatar man (pictured on the left) dances with a buddy, earns a few coins then I leave. I find it semi-social that's what attracted me to it. I've never been big gamer, even as a kid back in the Atari, Pac Man days (dating myself), I'd fiddle with a game or two but would much rather spending my time interacting with people.

When I was looking for my laptop, I went to one place in which the sales "kid" clearly lived for gaming. He started talking to me about some of the games he plays and the computers (yes plural) he uses to play them. I had no clue. Did I come across as a gamer? "Look, all I want to do is check email, surf the Internet and use Microsoft Office. The most interesting game to me is probably Scrabble, the board game version." I hope I wasn't too rude.

He didn't quite get it and then went on to tell me how I can use Open Office for free. I don't care I'm odd, "I actually like Microsoft Office."

Anyway, I didn't buy from him. Nice kid really just too out there besides they had sh*tty laptops.

I've now been invited into the virtual worlds of Mafia Wars, Cafe World and FarmVille. I've dabbled a bit. I can handle the tame and cute, especially for free. But paying to play these games no way!

Call me outdated but I'd rather a group of friends sitting around a table and playing an old fashion board game.


Michael Rivers said...

I grew up with Atari but never made the transition to computer games. I'm sure I could get hooked on them, but I don't have the time to spend hours a day playing. I'd rather do other stuff!

Paul Benjamin said...

Like you, I am also not into video games. I like to play a nice game on my phone every once in a while when I am stuck in an airport or something.

I actually won a Wii system at my office Christmas party last year. I still have yet to take it out of the box! Oops...

Anonymous said...

I don't mind computer games, but the anti-social ones. I don't care to "meet" strangers online. I'm more into solitaire games. Give me a good old fashioned cribbage board and a friend any day.